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We are a Google Certified Partner

Google AdWords Management

Google is the biggest search engine in the world currently has over 93% of market share in Australia. As a Google Certified Partner, we’ve been entrusted by Google to both professionally create and manage Google AdWords accounts. By advertising on Google AdWords, you have the opportunity to position yourself for the keywords above your competition to drive customers to your website. It’s has proven over the years to drive both awareness & acquisition for a wide range of business verticals.

Google became king of the search engines for one simple reason – it provided the best results for its main customers – you the consumer. Now its part of our vernacular, a verb and lastly a brand.

To ensure we’re top of our game and driving the best results, all Indago Digital consultants are Google AdWords certified. Being one of Google’s premium partners we obtain access to beta’s and products that provide our clients with a competitive edge over their competitors.

Whilst every client and campaign are different there are a number of factors that need to be present to ensure success:

AdWords Management Project Scoping

A successful project always begins with clearly defined objectives. Indago Digital will work with you to uncover your objectives and formulate a plan to achieve them. We will ask questions such as:

What constitutes a successful AdWords campaign for your company?

What conversions are important to you?

Are you trying to decrease the cost of your conversions or increase the volume of conversions?

Where do you feel that your current campaign is letting you down?

What return on investment target are you aiming to achieve?

AdWords Management Tracking

Indago Digital use Kenshoo, Google AdWords and Google Analytics to track conversions. We will use the results of you project scoping to define the trackable conversion events. Indago Digital will then guide you through the installation and testing of the various tracking pixels.

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