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Revolutionise your reporting

Data insights justify decisions that can significantly impact campaign performance.

Why invest in data reporting services?

In today’s business landscape, data is the linchpin of informed decision-making. Data reporting is your compass for collecting, analysing, and translating vast amounts of information into actionable insights.

With a wealth of data sources available, from Google Ads to social media and e-commerce platforms, the challenge lies in extracting valuable insights. Employing data experts with specialised knowledge, particularly in areas like advertising, is essential.

Data visualisation is the foundation for business strategies, providing historical context and visible metrics to provide key performance indicators and set goals.

Hiring in-house specialists for every area can be impractical, making data experts a cost-effective solution.

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Meet your new data reporting agency

Extensive data set expertise

Our team bring to the table a wealth of experience in working with commonly used data sets, particularly contextual financial data.

Having collaborated with numerous clients spanning different industry verticals, our expertise extends far and wide.

This comprehensive understanding of data sets enables us to craft tailored strategies to address your business needs and help your marketing efforts.

We go beyond surface-level insights to provide in-depth analysis and reporting.

Proprietary tools for in-depth insights

Our commitment to delivering valuable insights is reflected in our use of proprietary tools.

We perform keyword research and ranking factor analysis, offering clients unique reports with data visualisation built on platforms like Looker Studio and Tableau.

These reports are customised to meet your precise business requirements.

It's not just about the tools; it's about how we use them strategically, ensuring that the data is harnessed effectively to inform your decision-making processes.

Armed with proprietary technology at our disposal, we craft highly effective SEO strategies that drive organic growth and ensure ROI for our clients.

Dedicated data-centric team

We take pride in our focused team of data specialists. With five dedicated experts in the field, we have the capacity to concentrate on your business's unique needs and data sets.

This team is in constant dialogue with you, prioritising client-centric approaches. We not only understand data but also your goals, challenges, and vision.

Groundbreaking research

Our data experts are not just practitioners but researchers who have made significant contributions to the data field. Many of them have conducted research and have been published, establishing themselves as thought leaders in the industry.

Their deep understanding and extensive knowledge ensure we are at the forefront of data reporting practices, bringing you industry-leading solutions.

Our process

Indago's data reporting service is built around a precise methodology to guarantee top search engine visibility for your website.

1. Consulting

Our data reporting journey commences with an in-depth consultation process.

During this phase, we engage closely with our clients to understand their reporting objectives.

In these meetings, we explore the precise nature of the data they wish to report on, allowing us to identify key focal points and metrics essential in achieving their goals.

Simultaneously, we scrutinise their existing reporting practices, seeking areas for improvement and alignment with their evolving business needs.

This consultative approach enables us to lay the groundwork for a highly tailored data reporting strategy that meets and exceeds our client's expectations.

2. Dashboard development

The development of a data dashboard represents the pivotal moment when concepts and strategies transform into tangible tools for insights.

Our dashboard creation process begins with constructing an initial version, a prototype designed to test the waters and evaluate what works effectively and requires refinement.

This iterative approach allows us to fine-tune the dashboard continually, adapting it to the unique requirements of our clients.

Through ongoing collaboration and feedback, we work diligently to ensure that the dashboard is not just good but exceptional, offering the most intuitive and insightful data visualisation tool available.

3. Maintenance

The final leg of our data reporting process revolves around the crucial aspect of maintenance.

Building a powerful dashboard is just the beginning; keeping it in optimal working condition is equally vital.

We proactively monitor its performance, identifying and addressing any technical issues promptly.

This commitment to maintenance provides our clients with the peace of mind that their data reporting system will consistently deliver accurate and reliable results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital marketing reporting?

Marketing reporting involves meticulously collecting and analysing data from different marketing channels to produce concise and informative reports. The ultimate objective is to guide future marketing campaign strategies and evaluate performance. Exceptional digital marketing reports unearth valuable insights that drive actionable outcomes and inspire progress.

Why is a digital marketing report important?

The significance lies in its purpose. A digital marketing report aims to enlighten and shape future decisions, strategies, and performance. A well-crafted report, delivered in real-time and with precision, uncovers valuable and actionable insights on marketing metrics, empowering you to make informed decisions.

What is a data reporting services provider?

Data reporting service providers (DRSPs) are crucial in promoting transparency and facilitating effective supervision of financial markets. By delivering accurate and comprehensive trading data, they empower investors and national competent authorities (NCAs) to make informed decisions.

How do reporting services work?

In Reporting Services, a marketing team can define a report using tools like Report Builder or Report Designer. This definition encompasses various elements that specify data source connections, data retrieval queries, expressions, parameters, images, text boxes, tables, and other design components. You can create a well-structured and visually appealing report layout that outlines key metrics by using these tools.

What data is used in digital marketing?

In digital marketing, data encompasses a wide range of metrics spanning social media, website and blog content, email marketing, online advertisements, data from Google Analytics and mobile downloads. When leveraged effectively, this data empowers marketers to glean valuable insights, enabling them to refine their digital campaigns for optimal performance.

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