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Google display strategies are a cost-effective method to enhance your brand’s visibility and drive increased conversions.
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Unlock the power of Google Display Ads

Advertising on Google is the key to boosting your brand's digital presence.

Do you need Google Display?

When it comes to cost-effective entry into the world of display advertising, Google Display takes centre stage.

It allows advertisers to access the Google Display Network without incurring the hefty expenses associated with traffic and tech fees.

By harnessing Google's extensive audience data, we leverage the ability to serve visually striking image ads with precision targeting, zeroing in on specific websites, contexts, and users to deliver the most impactful results.

Whether you're looking to introduce your brand to entirely new audiences or re-engage with existing customers and previous website visitors, the capabilities of Google Display cover the entire spectrum.

It's a strategic platform that empowers businesses to reach, engage, and convert their target audience effectively, all while optimising their advertising budget for the best return on investment.

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Google Display, done differently

Australian-based and independently owned, Indago has the region’s strongest paid advertising offering with a highly-experienced team driving outstanding results.

Exclusive beta products

Our distinguished position as an award-winning Google Premier Partner sets us apart as a leader in Google display advertising.

It places us among Australia's top 3% of agencies, granting us privileged access to beta products and features not yet available to the broader advertising community.

By consistently staying ahead of the curve, we're equipped to offer your business a competitive edge with the latest innovations in Google display advertising.

Technology-driven expertise

Our profound technological understanding forms the backbone of our Google display advertising services. We leverage cutting-edge solutions and report on outcomes that genuinely matter to your business.

This expertise empowers us to place your business goals at the forefront, significantly enhancing your trajectory in display advertising.

We also limit the number of clients each team member serves to ensure a client-focused service tailored to your business needs.

Optimisations based on data

An unwavering commitment to data-driven decision-making is at the core of our Google display advertising strategy.

We base our optimisations on trusted, reliable data, ensuring that actionable insights back every action.

Our dedication extends to integrating Google display ads with your CRM and other systems, enabling us to measure your business goals directly.

This seamless connection allows us to provide you with tangible results that extend far beyond superficial metrics like clicks and impressions.

Our process

Indago's Google Display advertising service is built around a precise methodology to guarantee top search engine visibility for your website.

1. Anchoring in campaign objectives

Our journey to Google Display advertising success commences with a deep exploration of your campaign objectives.

We firmly believe that the bedrock of any thriving Google Display campaign is a crystal-clear understanding of what you aim to achieve.

Through open dialogues and in-depth consultations, we delve into the heart of your goals, breaking them down into measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

This goal-centric approach guarantees that every element of your campaign is finely tuned to align perfectly with your overarching mission, making your ambitions attainable and effortlessly trackable.

2. In-depth audience analysis

By engaging in thorough consultations with the client and conducting in-depth research on publisher platforms, we identify the specific target audience for our Google Display Ads campaign.

This involves gaining insights into the audience's preferences, behaviours, and demographics to tailor our messaging.

From selecting imagery that aligns with their interests to determining the most effective ad types and placements, our approach is strategically geared towards ensuring resonance and engagement with the intended audience.

3. Constant innovation

We understand that continual progress and innovation are essential in the dynamic world of Google Display advertising.

Whether expanding your audience reach, rotating creative elements, or exploring new assets and ad types specific to Google Display, we are unwavering in our commitment to pushing boundaries.

Our dedicated team is ever-engaged in testing, reviewing, and adapting, driven by the pursuit of optimisation.

This approach ensures that we remain at the forefront of the Google Display advertising landscape, guaranteeing that our strategies are dynamic and compelling, consistently delivering superior results for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire an agency for Google Ads?

As outlined by Coinbound, on average, partnering with a Google Ads Agency can range from $750 to $7,500 per month. The actual cost depends on various factors, such as the advertising budget, campaign complexity, and required services. Rest assured, by considering these factors, you can find a pricing structure that suits your display advertising campaign needs.

Is a Google Display advertising agency worth it?

Google Ads are highly valuable as they offer a cost-effective solution for businesses of any scale to connect with a virtually limitless, targeted audience of Internet users. They provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to initiate, halt, pause, or even modify your bids at any given moment.

What does a Google Ads agency do?

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses regular optimization, detailed reports, and a host of complimentary offerings, including Bing ads, landing page design services, and SEO. At Upgrow, we pride ourselves on being a full-service digital agency committed to delivering highly qualified leads to our clients through a holistic marketing approach.

Is Google Ads still worth it?

Google Ads continues to be a powerful tool for businesses aiming to establish a prominent online presence. Its versatility, precise targeting, and capacity to provide measurable outcomes make it an enticing option for advertisers. Therefore, hiring Google ads agencies will be beneficial for your digital marketing efforts and allow you to drive website traffic.

How much does Google Ads cost in Australia?

As of 2021, the average cost-per-click for Google Search Ads is approximately $3.20 AUD ($2.22 USD). However, it's important to note that costs can vary significantly based on the industry. For instance, if you're bidding on insurance-related keywords, you can expect to pay around $13.37 AUD per click.

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