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Unlock your potential with GA4 training

A robust Google Analytics understanding is the cornerstone to elevate your brand's online presence and drive conversions.

Why invest in GA4 training?

A strong understanding of the data residing within your Google Analytics profile is pivotal for executing effective marketing strategies.

In the contemporary landscape, analytics tools have evolved into intricate systems, and the rate of complexity is accelerating exponentially. Without continuous analytics training, your team is susceptible to falling behind in this fast-paced digital environment.

Your team's ability to pull, analyse, and interpret marketing data directly influences the effectiveness of your marketing endeavours.

Ongoing analytics training is the key to ensuring that your team keeps pace with industry advancements and gains a competitive edge by harnessing the full potential of these sophisticated tools.

Investing in continuous analytics training for your team is an investment in your business's long-term success and sustainability. It empowers your team to adapt to the evolving analytics landscape, enabling them to become Google Tag Manager experts, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly data-centric business environment.

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Our GA4 training services

Australian-based and independently owned, Indago has the region’s strongest Google Analytics training lead by a highly experienced team.

Outstanding practice

With a track record of implementing over 100 analytics profiles and generating an average of 700 monthly reports, our team at Indago stands as seasoned analytics experts.

Beyond our extensive practical experience, we actively contribute to industry knowledge by providing regular training through various esteemed industry bodies and businesses seeking to harness the power of analytics.

Training expertise

Indago's proficiency in analytics extends beyond implementation and reporting.

Our team serves as instructors, offering comprehensive training through collaborations with reputable industry bodies.

These training sessions, curated by our analytics experts, are designed to empower professionals with the skills and insights necessary to navigate and extract maximum value from analytics tools.

Industry recognition

Indago takes pride in leading the IAB's search council, showcasing our commitment to industry advancement.

Furthermore, our collaboration with other prominent industry bodies, including Google's Squared Online, highlights our role in shaping the analytics landscape.

When you engage with our training programs, you benefit from the expertise of practitioners actively contributing to and leading in their respective spaces, ensuring you receive training that is not only relevant but also at the forefront of industry best practices.

Tailored courses

Indago's commitment to personalised education is evident in the meticulous design of our analytics courses.

Each program is tailored to your specific industry vertical and individual business needs, incorporating relevant case studies that resonate with the challenges and opportunities unique to your business.

This tailored approach ensures that the knowledge gained is directly applicable, fostering a deeper understanding of analytics concepts within your business environment.

Hands-on practical learning

Instead of conventional theoretical instruction, Indago's analytics courses emphasise hands-on practical sessions.

Rather than relying solely on abstract concepts, our training provides tangible experiences, allowing you to engage directly with analytics tools in simulated real-world scenarios.

This hands-on approach bridges the gap between theory and application, empowering you to apply your analytics knowledge in practical settings confidently.

Our training process

Indago specialises in providing training for a wide range of businesses, regardless of their stage of development.

1. Team experience

At the outset of our analytics training process, we invest time in thoroughly understanding the unique dynamics of your team.

Recognising that each team member brings a distinct level of experience and knowledge, we conduct a detailed assessment.

This allows us to gain valuable insights into the specific skill sets present within your team, enabling us to tailor our training sessions with a precision that goes beyond generic approaches.

By honing in on individual strengths and areas for improvement, we ensure that our training is insightful and intuitive, catering to the diverse learning needs of your team.

2. Business data

A pivotal element in our training methodology involves gaining access to the heartbeat of your operations—your business data.

Armed with this invaluable resource, we transcend conventional training by weaving a narrative that is informative and intricately connected to your business's fabric while allowing you to develop custom dimensions which suit your needs.

Integrating your business data into our training curriculum transforms the learning experience into a highly personalised journey.

This tailored approach captivates participants and ensures a heightened level of relevance, driving their interest to new heights.

The result is a training session that transcends theoretical concepts, providing practical insights directly applicable to the challenges and opportunities unique to your business environment.

3. Dynamic format

Recognising the geographical diversity inherent in modern teams, our training formats are designed for adaptability and efficacy.

We understand that one size does not fit all, so we offer a dynamic mix of training formats. Whether through face-to-face sessions that provide a personalised touch, online modules for the convenience of remote participants, or group sessions fostering collaborative learning, our approach is flexible to meet your team's specific needs and preferences.

This dynamic blend ensures an optimal outcome as we tailor the learning environment to maximise engagement, effectiveness, and seamless integration of newfound knowledge into the daily workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to learn GA4?

Google's comprehensive training materials guide you through creating a Google Analytics account, structuring a website, and setting up a sandbox website for practice. Learn how to implement and test Google Analytics tracking code with us and access step-by-step instructions to collect data for your business. Unlock the ability to create custom reports and events with GA4, empowering you to gain valuable insights and optimize your online presence.

Is Google Analytics 4 easy to learn?

Learning Google Analytics is difficult. Although it's the most popular web analytics tool, many users lack the knowledge to get to the bottom of their data. The new version is even harder to master. Ironically, starting your GA study journey today is even more interesting.

Is GA4 the same as Google Analytics?

Google Analytics 4 has now replaced Universal Analytics. As of July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties ceased processing new data. Additionally, from July 1, 2024, all customers will no longer have access to the Universal Analytics interface and API.

How do I get certified for GA4?

Obtain a Google Analytics Certification by showcasing your proficiency in Google Analytics 4 properties. This includes proficiently setting up and organizing a property and utilizing a wide range of reporting tools and features. Achieve certification by successfully passing the assessment.

How long does it take to master GA4?

According to experts, the average time required to learn Google Analytics can range from four to six months. However, this duration can vary significantly. While some individuals can complete self-paced online courses in as little as two hours, most people find it necessary to pause and resume frequently to grasp the information comprehensively or may even take more than one course to learn the ropes.

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