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Our Technical SEO Audit Services

Indago’s technical SEO audits actively uncover and resolve concealed website issues, leading to higher visibility for your web pages.
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Unlock the power of technical SEO

Search engine optimisation is the key to unlocking your digital potential.

Is technical SEO right for you?

Over the years, search engines have made huge progress in understanding and adapting to various web technologies.

But these technologies constantly evolve, making it difficult for engines and developers to keep up.

Don't worry — that's where our technical SEO services come in.

Together, we'll make sure your site aligns with best practice SEO so Google and other search engines can crawl and promote it easily.

This means for your site, technical SEO is a cornerstone of:

  • Well optimised pages
  • Impressive user experience
  • Higher rankings
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Meet your new technical SEO agency

Australian-based and independently owned, Indago is data-driven and dedicated to delivering outstanding results for our clients.

Technical experience

Our SEO team comprises individuals with strong development and coding backgrounds, enabling us to deliver high-quality technical SEO audits.

With over 30 years of experience between them, our team possesses an in-depth understanding across a wide range of verticals and has worked with most of the world’s utilised content management systems.

This diverse expertise equips us to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet each client's unique needs.

Detailed processes

Our technical audit process is rigid, ensuring all consultants provide the same level of expertise and insight consistently.

As technologies change, our processes are regularly updated, allowing us to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

By maintaining a rigorous approach, we strive to provide comprehensive and accurate assessments that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Skilled services

Too often, SEOers solely focus on content, neglecting the importance of deep technical skills.

At Indago, we go above and beyond by employing highly competent web developers and providing comprehensive training to our staff on all technical facets of SEO.

Our commitment to expertise sets us apart in delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Proprietary technology

Our automated service will regularly crawl your website, examining and logging all technical facets of your page.

This in-depth analysis enables us to pinpoint any changes that may have occurred and determine their impact on your SEO visibility.

With this valuable information, we can promptly report back to you, ensuring that your technical SEO is set up for your website to thrive.

Discover our automated technical audits

Powering up your potential, automatically.

How does it work?

Our automated technical audits ensure your website is always up-to-date with the ever-evolving requirements of web technologies.

Once the SEO audit is complete and your site is optimised, our SEO officer sets up auto-crawling using the Screaming Frog tool.

This enables us to receive regular data on your site's performance.

  • Seamless consolidation: All identified issues are consolidated and categorised, providing detailed reports on specific topics.
  • Ongoing analysis: Over time, we track the trend of these issues using charts to determine if further investigation is necessary.

Should problems arise, we'll intervene accordingly. This process is conducted monthly or quarterly and can be performed more frequently if required.

Our technical SEO process

Indago's technical SEO audit service is built around a precise methodology engineered to skyrocket your site's visibility.

1. Crawling

The first step of the technical SEO audit involves crawling and analysing your website using a specialised tool replicating Google's spider function.

This process empowers us to:

  • Meticulously examine each page on the site
  • Gather insights on your website's performance
  • Detect and pinpoint any technical SEO issues

By diving deep into the technical aspects of your website, we can provide you with a comprehensive analysis and actionable steps to optimise your site's performance and enhance its visibility.

2. Reporting

After completing the crawling process, our team diligently reviews each page, referring to an itemised checklist. This well-structured technical audit template empowers us to prioritise specific areas for reporting purposes.

Our meticulously crafted spreadsheet encompasses approximately 50-60 criteria we closely assess. It ensures we evaluate all technical SEO fundamentals and more intricate factors like site speed.

By scrutinising each issue impacting your website's performance, our evaluation ensures no stone is left unturned in our pursuit of excellence.

3. Resolution

After reviewing your site's successful and unsuccessful areas, we compile a detailed list of solutions, which is briefed to our web dev team.

We collaborate closely with our web developers on the best way to resolve your technical issues and make the necessary changes to your site. By maintaining a close partnership and communicating clearly throughout the project, we can ensure all parties are on the same page.

In doing so, we can guarantee our clients end up with a final result that exceeds their expectations.

4. Checking up

After the initial changes are made, our team will rerun the crawl, checking your site is best optimised with no issues going under the radar.

Our technical SEO consultants will conduct monthly checks to secure your site's ongoing health and functionality. These periodic evaluations mean we can proactively identify and address emerging issues before anything gets out of hand.

Rest assured, we're all over it.

This commitment to monitoring and maintaining your site’s performance guarantees a seamless user experience for your site visitors.

5. Further optimisation

At Indago, we go beyond quick fixes. Once we've solved your immediate tech SEO issues, there are several other optimisation aspects we take into consideration.

  • Core web vitals: Metrics like usability, accessibility, and user-friendliness.
  • Links: Checking the placement of links is intuitive and easily located by all audiences.
  • Structured data: Implementing structured data is a simple yet effective way to enhance your search results.
  • Schema markup: By utilising schema markup, we also add visually appealing elements, such as images, to increase website traffic to your site.

Taking technical SEO one step further means we can make your website stand out in SERPs and hold user attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a technical SEO audit do?

Technical SEO forms the fundamental backbone of every website. Conducting thorough technical SEO research is crucial for effective site maintenance, as it allows for an in-depth analysis of the technical aspects of your website. This audit ensures proper optimisation for various search engines, leading to higher rankings on search engine results pages.

What are technical SEO services?

Technical SEO auditing services involves optimising your website to comply with search engine guidelines, ensuring smooth crawling and indexing. A thorough technical SEO audit aims to evaluate your site’s current SEO status and identify areas for improvement, enhancing the overall online user experience.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

At the lower end of the spectrum, backlink (off-page) SEO audit services can range from $750 to $7,500. In contrast, an on-page SEO audit typically falls within the price range of $4,500 to $45,000 as it includes other services, like keyword research. The highest price tag is associated with an SEO audit, requiring the highest technological expertise.

Are SEO audits worth it?

A technical audit offers a high return on investment. Research conducted by BrightEdge reveals that over 40% of online revenue is derived from organic search, so investing in an SEO audit is a wise decision that yields substantial benefits.

What are the three pillars of technical SEO?

Technical, On-page, and Off-page. These pillars play a pivotal role in determining the performance and crawlability of your website, the quality and structure of your content, as well as the off-site factors that enhance your site’s credibility.

How long should an SEO audit take?

A comprehensive SEO audit can span from 2 to 6 weeks, during which an SEO specialist closely analyses and uncovers opportunities to improve your website’s SEO. However, regular check-ins from our team will mean that your team stays well-informed about progress.

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