Chloe Zheng

Senior SEO Manager


Meet Chloe, our seasoned SEO manager with 5+ years in digital marketing agencies. She's a strategist for healthcare, finance, and beyond.

Chloe has spent over 5 years working in PR and marketing, with the majority of that time spent specialising in SEO. She takes a data-led approach when it comes to building SEO strategies, and factors in the latest industry best practices to achieve strong outcomes for her clients.

Chloe has a wealth of experience working with clients across finance, health, tech, automotive & travel sectors, and is familiar with working with a variety of SEO budgets.


Outside of work, Chloe enjoys working out and hunting for the next best sambo in Sydney.

In true data nerd fashion, Google Sheets is her favourite app. She loves to use it to plan out all of her workouts & nutrition for the week (not to mention, use it to keep track of the “best sandwich shops in Sydney” to visit after a long run).


Chloe completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising) from UNSW. She graduated with a high credit in Commerce and a distinction in Media. She is Google Analytics certified and is currently completing several Google Cloud Skills boost courses.


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