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Looking to consolidate data for smarter management and analysis? Indago’s data warehousing service allows you to consolidate your business data for effortless analysis.
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Data warehousing propels business growth and innovation, improving agility, operational efficiency, and security.

Why do you need data warehousing?

Data warehouse services are an essential tool for businesses seeking efficiency, accessibility, and enhanced data storage capabilities.

Much like the cloud, they serve as a centralised repository for data from diverse sources, facilitating easy access, management and analysis.

By integrating data warehousing into their operations, businesses not only future-proof their data management but also harness the transformative power of data warehousing for fortified data security, unparalleled accessibility, and seamless data sharing.

The warehouse serves as a single source of truth for your business.

This, in turn, supports robust data governance and business intelligence initiatives, enabling stakeholders to derive insights from stored data.

Data warehousing services offer significant economies of scale in a data-centric business environment. This allows businesses to allocate resources effectively while providing a structured historical data analysis platform.

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Warehousing experience

Our team has a proven track record of successfully executing migrations, particularly in the Google Analytics (GA) space.

We understand that the digital marketing data analytics landscape is evolving rapidly, so older versions of Google Analytics are being deprecated. By June 30, 2024, data collected in these older versions will become inaccessible.

This transition necessitates a robust data warehousing solution to ensure the preservation and accessibility of your valuable historical data.

We have spearheaded numerous projects addressing this specific challenge, which has equipped us with unparalleled expertise in GA migrations and data warehousing.

Future-proofing your data

The impending unavailability of historical data in Google Analytics is a stark reminder of the importance of a reliable data warehousing solution.

We offer you peace of mind by understanding the urgency of this situation and proactively addressing it.

Our data warehousing solutions are meticulously designed to future-proof your data, ensuring it remains accessible, secure, and valuable for your digital marketing operations.

This wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of GA migrations provides a seamless transition that safeguards your historical data and empowers your digital marketing endeavours with a strong foundation.

When you choose us, you are making a decision that aligns perfectly with your digital marketing company's need for data preservation and accessibility in the face of industry transitions.

Unmatched expertise

Our unmatched expertise in conducting a data warehousing project underscores our dedication to preserving and optimizing your data.

We've successfully executed many projects involving the intricate process of collecting, storing, and managing data from various data sources.

This in-depth understanding of data warehousing best practices allows us to offer tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of digital marketing companies.

As a result, we can ensure the preservation of your historical data and empower you with an agile and scalable data modelling infrastructure that serves as a foundation for insightful decision-making in your digital marketing endeavours.

Our process

Indago's data warehousing service is built around a precise methodology to safeguard and categorise your business's data.

1. Consulting

Our data warehouse solutions commence with a thorough consultation process, forging strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. This initial phase lets us gain deep insights into their data warehousing objectives and architecture.

We delve into specific elements they aim to optimise within their data warehousing infrastructure, identifying key focal points and essential metrics aligned with their overarching goals.

Simultaneously, we scrutinise their existing data warehousing practices, actively seeking opportunities for improvement and synchronisation with their ever-evolving business requirements.

This consultative approach forms the bedrock for crafting a tailored data warehousing strategy designed to exceed our client's expectations.

2. Data warehouse architecture development

Our data warehousing architecture development process starts with creating an initial version, much like a prototype designed for evaluation and enhancement.

This iterative approach empowers us to continually fine-tune the architecture, adapting it to cater to our client's unique and evolving needs.

Through a continuous cycle of collaboration and feedback, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that the data warehousing architecture meets expectations and consistently excels.

3. Maintenance and optimisation

The final phase of our data warehousing journey revolves around the pivotal aspect of maintenance and optimisation.

While building a robust data warehousing architecture is of utmost importance, maintaining it in peak working condition is equally vital.

We proactively monitor its performance, swiftly identifying and addressing any technical issues that may surface.

This unwavering commitment to maintenance assures your data warehousing infrastructure will continually deliver accurate results and empower your decision-making processes with confidence and efficiency.

Indago's premium data warehousing service ensures your data is a strategic asset, driving your business forward with precision and reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data warehousing in marketing?

A marketing data warehouse is a cloud-based storage system that allows teams to centralize data from multiple sources, such as marketing platforms, websites, analytics tools, and CRM. In the face of the ever-expanding array of marketing and sales tools, having a unified data solution becomes crucial. This consolidated approach ensures better organisation, accessibility, and efficiency in managing and utilising marketing data.

Why is data warehousing important in marketing?

A comprehensive customer view is achieved through a marketing data warehouse consolidating data from various sources into one centralised location. Companies can develop effective strategies to meet customer needs by leveraging these insights. Additionally, this enables faster, cost-effective, and hassle-free generation of continuous demand.

What are the components of a data warehouse?

Data warehouses typically comprise four key components: a central database, ETL (extract, transform, load), metadata, and access tools. These components are meticulously designed for high-speed performance, allowing you to obtain and analyse results in real-time.

What impact does warehousing have on marketing?

Effective Risk Management - a data warehouse solution mitigates sudden price fluctuations in the market. By stockpiling products, you ensure a consistent supply, thereby enhancing reliability.

What are the 3 advantages of data warehousing?

Some key advantages include establishing a robust and centralised repository for vast amounts of historical data, enhancing business processes and decision-making through actionable insights, boosting a business's overall return on investment (ROI), and elevating data quality.

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