Lewis Torossian

Head of Organic Media & Content


Lewis has worked in digital media in Australia and the UK for over 8 years.

He’s worked in big agencies and small and held client-side digital roles too. Because he has experience in various ways of working, he’s been able to adapt his game accordingly.

He can see the big picture for large multinationals and smaller businesses, and he also understands what it’s like to be the ‘client’.

He’s always looking to the future of SEO to keep ahead of Google’s ever-changing algorithm.


Lewis moved from the UK to Australia (via a backpacking trip around South East Asia) over 7 years ago.

Outside of digital marketing, his interests include getting up at 3 a.m. to watch Leicester City keep the ‘bigger clubs’ guessing and trying to keep up with Sydney’s ever-growing craft brewery scene.

You may also catch him on the golf course, or more likely in the adjacent river looking for his ball.


Lewis has a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master’s Degree in Military History from the University of Hull (UK).

He is Google Ads and Google Analytics Certified and has the Media Federation of Australia Digital Foundations Certificates I & II.


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