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Get expert advice on your digital strategy

In today's complex marketing world, it's impossible to expect one person to have all the correct answers.

Why do you need digital marketing consulting?

Companies often dive headfirst into marketing endeavours, allocating budgets without a fundamental understanding of what they truly need.

In fact, it's virtually impossible to execute effective marketing without a deep knowledge of the actual value each customer brings to your business.

By pairing critical data with comprehensive market insights, Indago can craft robust media strategies that propel your brand.

We believe in creating an online environment that serves your customers' needs while streamlining the conversion process – transforming your visitors into valuable sales.

For maximum profitability, this transformation must occur at the precise conversion rate you seek and with a cost-per-acquisition sustainable enough for long-term marketing success.

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Digital marketing consultants with a difference

Australian-based and independently owned, Indago's consultancy services are lead by a highly-experienced team that drive outstanding results.


Our strategy projects benefit from our consultants' unparalleled wisdom and seasoned expertise.

Here at Indago, we have a team of the most experienced professionals, each bringing a wealth of knowledge.

This deliberate approach ensures that a deep well of industry insights underpins every strategy and forecast we produce.

Our consultants have weathered the storms and navigated the ever-evolving business landscape, providing a level of experience that is second to none.

Experience across all verticals

Our consultants come from diverse backgrounds, having honed their skills across many verticals.

Chances are, they’ve not only worked with companies similar to yours but have very likely collaborated with some of your competitors.

This hands-on experience gives them a profound understanding of the nuances of your brand, the intricacies of your industry, and the dynamics of the competitive landscape.

Our consultants bring an insider’s perspective to the table, having witnessed what works and what doesn’t in the real world, meaning they can unlock your digital capabilities.

Innovative technology

Indago isn't content with traditional methods alone.

We've invested significantly in developing our proprietary technology, a cutting-edge tool that equips us to delve deep into the intricacies of your market.

This technology allows us to assess the size of your addressable market comprehensively and produce a cost-effective strategy for effectively communicating with and converting that market.

We leverage analytics and perform exhaustive research to unearth critical data about your competitors' successes.

This data becomes the cornerstone of our robust marketing strategies, ensuring they are rooted in evidence, designed for success, and deliver sustainable growth for your business.

Our key verticals

Our consultants have extensive experience in different marketing channels, ensuring we understand your industry.

1. Finance

The financial landscape is constantly evolving, and at Indago, we have extensive experience working with a broad spectrum of financial providers, ranging from traditional banks to the more recent fintech disruptors.

To drive success in the financial sector, a nuanced understanding of the intricate relationship between online conversions and offline sales is key.

We grapple with the complex interplay of government regulations and advertising limitations, ensuring our strategies are both effective and compliant. Our expertise extends to serving both B2B and B2C clients and navigating the intricacies of secured and unsecured financial services.

Success in the finance industry hinges on a deep understanding of its multifaceted components, and we bring this to the forefront of our strategies.

2. Recruitment

We boast an impressive track record in the recruitment sector, working with some of the largest Australian agencies and numerous job boards.

Our expertise in this vertical is unsurpassed, consistently driving the interest of both candidates and employers for our clients.

The recruitment industry harbours distinct nuances that demand a keen understanding to craft effective strategies.

We take pride in our ability to recognise and leverage these subtleties, ensuring that our strategies resonate with the target audience and yield optimal results.

3. Healthcare

From surgeons and medical suppliers to software and med-tech providers – Indago has carved a niche for itself in the complex realm of healthcare.

Given the extensive restrictions placed on the industry, crafting effective medical strategies requires an in-depth comprehension of the channels that underpin this form of advertising.

Without this understanding, building successful marketing strategies becomes an insurmountable challenge.

At Indago, we've mastered the art of healthcare marketing, leveraging our industry knowledge and expertise to navigate the stringent regulations and deliver strategies that make a profound impact.

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Our range of strategy services means we’re ready to handle whatever comes our way.


Seize the boundless future with precision – your marketing, our forecasts.


Harness your business's potential with results-driven performance marketing.


Transform your marketing game – unlock your brand's potential with our training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a digital marketing consultant do?

A digital marketing consultant is a skilled professional specialising in crafting effective promotional and advertising campaigns for digital platforms by using advanced analytics. These experts possess a deep understanding of commerce principles and demonstrate exceptional proficiency in modern technologies, allowing them to develop innovative ideas and craft effective digital marketing strategies.

What is the difference between a digital marketer and a digital marketing consultant?

When hiring a marketing consultant, the job description should be no different from hiring a digital marketing specialist in-house. The only distinction is that the consultant is solely responsible for managing your digital channels and crafting the overall strategy in your digital transformation.

How much do consultants charge Australia?

The hourly rate for business consultants in Australia typically falls between $50 and $300. This rate is influenced by factors such as the consultant's experience, expertise, the size of your business, and the specific services required.

How much should I pay a marketing consultant?

As a general guideline, consulting fee rates should typically be two to three times the actual wage of the position being covered. This means that strategists charging $50 per hour should consider pricing their services at $100 to $150 per hour.

What is an example of digital marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses various methods of connecting with your audience through screens. This includes social media, email, video, blogs, chatbots, display ads, and more. These channels offer many opportunities to engage and interact with your target audience, allowing you to promote your brand and reach your goals effectively in your digital marketing campaigns.

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