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Our SEO Competitor Research

Indago's competitor research uncovers your rivals' best SEO strategies, so you can gain a decisive advantage and master your market.
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Elevate your edge with competitor research

Competitor research is the key to unlocking your digital potential.

Why do you need competitor research?

Understanding why a webpage outranks your own is key to making informed decisions that improve your rankings and overall performance. Competitor research is the catalyst for this.

Without conducting a competitive analysis on your specific target keywords, it becomes impossible to pinpoint where you should be allocating your time and efforts.

An in-depth analysis allows us to:

  • Rectify missed opportunities
  • Re-define your SEO strategy to play to your strengths
  • Deliver results that resonate with your target audience

How does it work?

SEO is an incredibly complex field, with search engines utilising thousands of different metrics to determine the ranking of a web page.

By thoroughly studying the key pages that appear in the search engine results for your target keywords, we can gain insights into the metrics that hold the most significance and decipher what constitutes success within those metrics.

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Why choose Indago?

As Sydney's premier competitor research agency, Indago goes above and beyond to provide our clients with lasting results that resonate.

Proprietary technology

At Indago, we put your competitor data to work using our proprietary scraping technology.

This cutting-edge technology analyses the top 50 landing pages based on chosen keywords, locations, and devices.

This enables us to identify search engines' critical ranking factors to determine top positions.

Combining these insights with industry-approved tools like SEMrush, ahrefs, and Majestic helps us gather extensive data sets that serve as our blueprint for breakthroughs.

Client-focused service

With one of the most experienced SEO teams in the country, our team bring the elite expertise needed to craft a tailored and distinctive strategy for your website.

By leveraging our in-depth knowledge of your competitor's successful strategies, we can revolutionise your reach and achieve optimal results.

With this comprehensive approach, we ensure that your website stands out in the digital terrain and drives exceptional performance.

Consistency in results

Our robust process guarantees that every competitor research project is conducted via an identical methodology.

With Indago, you can count on exceptional quality and unwavering dedication.

This staunch consistency ensures that regardless of the consultant handling your campaign, the output is flawlessly executed and remains unparalleled.

These well-defined processes are consistently reviewed, refined, and improved to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving SEO sphere.

Our competitor research process

Our competitor research services put your data to work. Every step is engineered for real-world results and to ensure you stand out from the pack.

1. Keyword research

In any good SEO strategy, nailing keyword research is non-negotiable.

To cater to the right audience and enhance your website’s visibility, you need to understand the keywords and phrases your target audience is searching for.

Once identified, we can analyse the competing sites that rank highest on these search results and their success factors.

By specifying the keywords your site wants to rank for, our professionals can tailor their research to focus on the highest-performing areas, allowing us to optimise search volume towards your website.

2. Competitor page scraping

We know that search engines utilise many metrics to determine the ranking of multiple keywords.

By scraping the SERPs, we gain categorical insights into the factors they employ to rank specific web pages and the precise reasons why your SEO competitors may be gaining more traffic than you.

In your particular vertical, it might be the case that content length and keyword density hold greater significance than site speed and accessibility.

Our cutting-edge web scraping tool will provide you with this valuable information and guide you by specifying the minimum threshold you need to achieve optimal results.

3. Data visualisation

Data loses its edge without sharp visualisation.

At Indago, we harness the power of Looker Studio and Tableau to sculpt competitor data into visually stunning insights.

These visualisations aren't just eye candy—they're the blueprint for our consultants to craft a laser-focused strategy with a clear rationale.

And we don't stop there.

Our findings stay agile and are constantly tweaked to ensure your strategy remains sharp, updated, and utterly relevant.

Even in the ever-changing online sphere, our research services will ensure that your business remains on top of competitors, always one step ahead.

4. Strategy

In leveraging our competitor research, we'll develop a strategy uniquely honed to your specifications.

Our game plan integrates technical upgrades, tackles accessibility issues head-on, crafts irresistible content, and forges high-calibre backlinks.

At Indago, we don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach.

Our objective is to furnish you with a strategy tailored to your needs and propels you distinctly ahead of the competition.

This bespoke approach incorporates specific metrics precisely attuned to your targeted keywords rather than a generic plan handed to all clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do competitors research for SEO?

Conducting a competitor analysis for search engine optimisation is essential to enhance your website’s visibility and achieve a higher ranking in your industry. This comprehensive analysis is crucial for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your side while also helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Should you research your competitors' backlinks?

Conducting competitor backlink research should be among your top strategies if you’re seeking a dependable method to enhance your website’s SEO. By analysing the high-quality backlinks of your competitors, you can gain insights into their SEO tactics and replicate their achievements for yourself.

What is an SEO comparison with competitors?

Conducting an SEO competitor analysis entails researching a competitor’s content, including the links and keywords they have utilised. It is an SEO comparison between two competing websites within the same industry.

What is negative SEO for competitors?

Negative SEO is the act of employing unethical and black hat techniques to undermine a competitor’s search engine rankings.

Can you target competitor keywords?

Yes, you certainly can. By targeting these competitor keywords, you can increase your chances of appearing on the same search engine results pages as your competitors. This strategic approach allows you to tap into their success and gain visibility in your industry.

How do you analyse competitors in digital marketing?

Performing SEO competitor analysis involves various tasks. These include comparing website performance, such as page speeds, identifying keyword gaps, comparing backlinks and their sources, and investigating strategies to rank for more keywords.

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