Brid Flynn

Content Manager


From Silicon Valley start-ups to household Australian names, Brίd boasts eight years of copywriting experience.

Combining a trained ear for tone-of-voice with clever wordsmithery, Brίd is adept at tuning into each brand’s unique personality to help build their online presence.

Applying her “in-house” expertise to agency life, she values the importance of upholding brand integrity – while adhering to SEO strategies.


Struck with the travel bug and her eyes set on sunnier shores, Brίd left Ireland for Australia in 2017 after an 18-month stint in California.

Outside of work, you can find her clocking up steps on coastal walks, exploring national parks and reading her way towards a Goodreads goal.

Her proudest personal achievements include ticking all states and territories off her Aussie bucket list and becoming a permanent resident in 2023.


Brίd has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Dublin City University.

She’s keen on upskilling by acquiring various SEO certificates from SEMrush, Bright Local Academy, the Australian Writer’s Centre, HubSpot and Open Universities Australia.


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