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Unlock the power of SEO

A well SEO'd website is a healthy one, with higher engagement and conversion rates.

Why is SEO right for you?

Investing in SEO is essential for any business seeking to enhance online visibility and drive conversions through their website.

By optimising your website to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you'll attract low-cost and high-converting traffic.

If you're not getting more than 65% of your traffic and conversions via SEO, you're too reliant on paid mediums and paying too much to acquire new customers.

The main advantages of SEO are:

  • Sustainable results & measurable ROI
  • Cost-effective acquisition method
  • Improved credibility & user experience

How SEO works

In short, search engines give greater visibility to websites that offer a great user experience and are easy to crawl.

Pulling this off is both complex and commonsensical.

Common sense: It probably is if it feels great and organic. Relevant, helpful content gets prioritised, and intuitive websites with easy-to-find information get rewarded.

Complex: Search engines use a huge number of factors to decide where your website will rank, and evaluating which ones are most important for your website takes a trained eye.

Don't worry, that's where we come in.

By looking through the eyes of the search engines, we'll use all the tricks available to get your site to where it needs to be.

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Why choose us?

Indago is an Australian-based and independently owned SEO agency proudly delivering elite SEO services to big brands with big ideas.

Data driven

Data is at the heart of all things Indago.

Our data consultancy team, Indatum, actively tracks millions of keywords and their top-performing pages to understand what makes them rank.

We review all key ranking factors, including links, content length, content type, keyword density, page speed and assessability.

Armed with proprietary technology, we craft highly effective SEO strategies which drive organic growth and ensure ROI for our clients.

Personalised approach

Every strategy is 100% personalised to your business, website, competitor set and targeted keywords. Modern day SEO demands this type of approach, and Indago, are pioneers.

We also take the time to understand your business and customers to ensure SEO drives the returns you deserve.

Senior & experienced staff

No matter the quality of the processes and technology — you need an experienced practitioner driving results.

We obviously employ juniors who we train and educate, but senior employees control all strategy. On top of that, all processes and products are built by some of the country's most experienced and respected SEO'ers.

Client focused

We limit how many accounts we take on so that we can give every one of our clients the close attention they deserve.

This approach means our team never becomes overworked, giving them the brain space they need to work on your campaign with 100% of their energy and focus.

Start ranking with our expert SEO services.

Picture our search engine optimisation services as your website’s loyal canine, leading you through the digital wilderness to uncover a treasure chest of potential customers.

Our SEO process

A step-by-step guide to our SEO methodology.

1. Competitor research

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for the success of your business.

Indago’s competitor research goes beyond imitation; it fuels innovation.

We’ll give your business insight into what strategies and tactics work for your top competitors and analyse their strengths and weaknesses. By spotting untapped opportunities and gaps in your SEO efforts, we can ensure your strategies remain effective and relevant long term.

2. Technical SEO

We’ll thoroughly analyse and test your website to spot any behind-the-scenes issues harming user experience and overall search engine rankings. By addressing these technical issues, your site will become more accessible and appealing to search engines and visitors.

What sets us apart from the other agencies? We don’t just use generic industry tools — we dig deeper.

Our custom-built spiders mimic search engine spiders, providing richer insights that allow us to thoroughly analyse and test your site to ensure it complies with advanced SEO best practices.

3. Keyword research

Unlocking the potential of your online presence starts with a solid foundation, and keyword research is the bedrock of an effective SEO strategy.

Our SEO experts will conduct extensive research to identify which keywords and phrases your ideal customers use when searching online.

Our commitment to keyword research doesn’t end with a list of terms. We translate our findings into actionable strategies for content creation, on-page optimisation, and user experience enhancement.

By aligning your website with the language of your potential customers, we pave the way for greater visibility in search engine results, meaningful engagement and higher conversion rates.

4. Content development

Content development is a crucial SEO pillar, essential for boosting organic traffic, user engagement, and conversions. You need well-written, persuasive, and keyword-optimised content on your site to convert visitors and enhance your search engine relevancy.

After identifying your target keywords, we’ll create new pages and optimise existing copy so that your content satisfies user intent and search engines with equal precision.

We closely monitor performance throughout the process to gather insights for future content development and optimisation opportunities.

5. Link building

The quality and quantity of links pointing to your site are critical Google ranking factors, making link-building a cornerstone of almost all SEO campaigns.

We approach link building with a data-informed strategy. Our methods are based on the most effective tactics to enhance your backlink profile, domain authority, and search visibility, helping you to expand your online reach.

Our campaigns are geared towards continuous link acquisition, with specialised initiatives to boost link numbers. We maintain relationships through various channels, cultivating trust and earning high-quality links.

6. Report and optimise

Our team specialises in optimising websites for search engines while prioritising user experience. With a data-driven approach and powerful SEO tools, we ensure your content hits the perfect balance.

Once your website is optimised, we'll conduct a monthly traffic analysis to scrutinise the impact of our efforts and evolve our strategy accordingly.

We focus on delivering tangible results, ensuring that your SEO efforts translate into meaningful growth in your online presence.

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Our range of SEO services means we’re ready to handle whatever comes our way.

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Scale up with intricate integrations designed for big brands & bigger results.

International SEO

Connect with customers across borders and get visibility on a global scale.

Website Migration

Safely preserve your traffic and rankings when moving your brand to a new site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth paying for SEO services?

Search engine optimisation, is a thriving industry. According to HubSpot, around 69% of marketers actively invest in SEO. But what if your business only requires a slight sales or online exposure boost? Is it truly worth allocating a complete budget to SEO? The answer is undoubtedly a resounding yes!

What is a search engine optimisation agency?

An SEO agency provides professional search engine optimisation services, employing a variety of on-page and off-page strategies and tactics to improve a web page’s search rankings significantly. Through meticulous analysis and implementation, agencies ensure their clients' websites gain higher visibility and attract more organic traffic.

How much do SEO services typically cost?

At Indago Sydney, we offer competitive rates for our top-notch digital marketing services. Our SEO campaigns start at $5000/month or $205/hour for 12 months. We’ve designed our pricing to provide affordability without compromising quality. The hours dedicated to your account will be tailored based on your site, products, competitors and desired speed of results.

What are SEO services and types?

There are three types of SEO: On-page SEO, which includes anything on your web pages such as blogs, product copy, and web copy. Off-page SEO refers to anything that happens outside of your website but contributes to your SEO strategy, such as backlinks. Technical SEO encompasses any technical actions taken to improve search rankings.

Which type of SEO is best?

White-hat SEO plays a crucial role in enhancing your search engine ranking on the SERPs while upholding the integrity of your website within the search engine’s terms of services. By adopting white-hat SEO practices, you can pave the way for a successful website.

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