In everyday life, we’ve lost focus and invest effort into too many areas, working hard and achieving little.

indago digital is made up of mathematicians, accountants, scientists and number geeks. We’re at our happiest with headphones  blocking out the bustle of the office, an excel spreadsheet open and we’re experimenting with some obscure macro. We work hard to cut through the data and find the insights and areas for growth so our clients don’t have to. We can then explain our findings in terms that our clients understand – ‘this happened due to this factor and this is how we take advantage of that to maximise your return on investment’.

Too often agencies don’t understand their clients’ businesses, lose focus, unnecessarily confuse and drive poor results. indago digital strives to simplify the complexities of digital marketing through the effective use of;


By supplying data in easy to understand formats and highlighting key learnings we empower clients to make effective decisions and ensure they retain their own IP.


A well informed client pushes their agency in the right direction, adds value to the conversation and secures better results. We train our clients to challenge us.


Supplying well thought out and forward thinking tactics that are implemented in a logical and methodical manner. Without a plan there is only chaos.