Peter Dimakidis

Chief Technology Officer


A true pioneer with over 20 years in digital advertising, Peter Dimakidis seamlessly bridges cutting-edge technology and real-world business strategies. As Co-founder and CTO of Indatum and Indago, his unique software engineering background and profound industry knowledge allow him to tackle complex brand challenges.

Peter aligns innovative solutions with overarching objectives, ensuring initiatives are groundbreaking yet practical and results-driven. Steering Indatum's technology roadmap and Indago's data-driven strategies, his dual role drives transformative change across the digital landscape.

Renowned for translating intricate concepts into actionable, growth-oriented strategies, Peter is a sought-after thought leader. He shares invaluable insights at prestigious events hosted by Macquarie University, UTS, and Mumbrella, while training future professionals at AIM.

With a diverse portfolio spanning e-commerce, major agencies like Dentsu, and empowering in-house teams, Peter has navigated the industry's complexities with remarkable agility. In an era where technology and business intertwine, he guides brands towards unprecedented success through his visionary digital advertising approach.


Pete, also known as Dimo, values family above all and loves engaging in outdoor activities that bring them together. A fan of water sports, he finds both excitement and tranquillity on the water. Just don't ask him to balance on a paddleboard—it's a work in progress.

On weekends, you'll often find him cheering on his kids at their sports events or manning the grill at family BBQs. He's known to wield tongs like a pro and believes his BBQ skills are a close second to his motivational speeches about sportsmanship.

As a community builder at heart, Dimo enjoys connecting with people through sports, food, and meaningful conversations. Whether it's a lively debate over the best burger toppings or organising impromptu neighbourhood games, he’s all about creating moments of joy and togetherness.

Achievements & Thought Leadership

Peter is a highly regarded speaker and trainer in the digital marketing sphere, regularly sharing his expertise at events like the Search Marketing Summit Australia, Mumbrella, and seminars at the University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie University. As a trainer for the Australian Institute of Management, he helps shape the next generation of digital professionals and has conducted training for in-house teams at prominent brands like Crown Resorts, Woolworths, and Virgin Australia.

Peter’s formal education includes website design and development, and he continuously expands his qualifications to stay ahead in the fast-evolving digital landscape. He holds accreditations in Google Analytics, Google Ads, and cloud platforms like GCP and AWS, along with software and data engineering certifications. He is also pursuing knowledge and accreditations in data science, machine learning, and AI.


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