Google performance honours

Google performance honours

Indago Digital are very proud to announce that our Head of Performance and Analytics Preet Singh, won the Q2 Google Rockstar award.

Written by

Peter Dimakidis


20 June 2018




This award is judged by the Google team and is given to the person who has demonstrated the best Google automation techniques in either Australia or New Zealand.
This award focused on excellence in 4 key areas: attribution, audience, creativity and budget.

Another one for the trophy room stash of Head of Performance and Analytics Preet Singh.

Google Performance Honours Q2 2018

Indago Digital's performance all-stars

The Google Performance Honours awards are run each quarter to review and award the best campaigns from over 50 of Google’s top agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

Indago Digital were proud to be nominated for several other awards, including Best Use of attribution, Best Use of audience, Creative Excellence and Quyen Ly as a Performance Automated All-Star.

Indago Digital are focused on using the latest automation and artificial intelligence techniques to drive high return on investment for their client’s campaigns. Using these techniques enables Indago to focus more on strategy and less on implementation, as DoubleClick Search is doing the heavy lifting.

As the Q2 award, Rockstar Preet has been invited to spend a week at Google HQ in San Francisco, where he will meet the various Google Product Leads.

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Written by

Peter Dimakidis
The dog and bone.
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