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Indago’s visualisation services will simplify your business’s data, making it easier to comprehend and identify patterns, trends, and outliers.
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Let your data speak for itself

Data insights justify decisions that can significantly impact your marketing campaign's success.

Why invest in data visualisation?

In the contemporary business landscape, data visualisation serves as the cornerstone of informed decision-making.

The critical challenge lies in extracting valuable and meaningful insights in a world packed with diverse data sources, spanning Google Ads, social media, e-commerce platforms, and more.

Here, the expertise of data professionals, particularly those versed in the nuances of data visualisation, becomes indispensable.

Data can be dense and challenging to digest. The visual aspect of data visualisation takes centre stage, making it crucial for businesses to gauge their performance, identify trends, and interpret the data efficiently.

A well-crafted dashboard can work wonders, saving time and transforming the interpretation process.

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Data visualisation, done differently

Data set expertise

Within data visualisation, our team boasts extensive expertise in handling commonly used data sets, focusing on contextual financial data.

Through collaborative efforts with diverse clients spanning various industry verticals, our knowledge base extends far and wide.

This understanding of data sets equips us to tailor strategies that precisely align with your unique business requirements.

Our team's commitment extends beyond surface-level insights; we dive deep into the data to provide in-depth analysis and reporting.

Utilising platforms

Our commitment to delivering valuable insights is exemplified in our utilisation of proprietary tools, including renowned platforms like Tableau and Looker.

We harness these tools to craft visually engaging reports that transcend the mundane.

These reports incorporate sophisticated data visualisations that bring your data to life, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with clarity and precision and transform your online presence.

Dedicated data-centric team

Our team takes great pride in its unwavering focus on data, and this focus is embodied in our dedicated team of data specialists.

With five proficient experts in this field, we possess the capacity to give undivided attention to your business's unique needs and data sets.

We will then ensure that we communicate regularly with you, prioritising support with a client-centric approach deeply rooted in displaying the data simply and comprehending your goals, challenges, and overarching vision.

Pioneering research and expertise

Our data experts transcend the role of practitioners; they are also avid researchers who have made substantial contributions to the data domain.

Many of our team members have conducted extensive research and have been recognised through publications, solidifying their status as thought leaders within the industry.

Their profound understanding and extensive knowledge ensure that we remain at the forefront of data reporting practices, consistently delivering industry-leading solutions that empower your business.

Our skilled experts provide valuable context and expertise, ensuring your data is interpreted, fully understood, and leveraged to drive your business forward.

Our data visualisation process

Indago's data visualisation service is built around a precise methodology to guarantee top search engine visibility for your website.
1. Consulting

Our journey in the realm of data visualisation begins with a comprehensive consultation process.

Here, we establish close and collaborative relationships with our clients to deeply understand their data reporting objectives.

During this phase, we explore the specific data they intend to visualise, pinpointing critical focal points and metrics crucial to their goals.

Concurrently, we assess their current data reporting practices, seeking opportunities for enhancement and alignment with their evolving business needs.

This consultative approach is the foundation for crafting a meticulously tailored data visualisation strategy that meets and surpasses our client's expectations.

2. Dashboard development

The development of a data visualisation dashboard is the transformative moment when abstract concepts and strategies materialise into a tangible tool for insights.

Our dashboard creation process starts with the inception of an initial version, akin to a prototype designed for evaluation and refinement.

This iterative approach empowers us to continuously fine-tune the dashboard, customising it to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Through ongoing collaboration and feedback, we are committed to ensuring that the dashboard isn't only good but outstanding and the most intuitive and insightful data visualisation tool available.

3. Maintenance

The final stage of our data visualisation process revolves around the pivotal aspect of maintenance.

While building a powerful data visualisation dashboard is crucial, maintaining it in peak working condition is equally vital.

We proactively monitor its performance, promptly identifying and addressing any technical issues that may arise.

This unwavering commitment to maintenance assures our clients that their data visualisation system will consistently deliver precise, reliable, and accurate results, empowering their decision-making processes with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a data visualisation company?

Data visualisation companies play a pivotal role in helping businesses comprehend their data by transforming it into visually appealing information that can be effortlessly analysed and interpreted. By doing so, these companies enable businesses to uncover patterns and trends in their data that may have previously gone unnoticed. This newfound understanding empowers organisations to make more informed decisions about leveraging their data.

Is data visualisation in demand?

Data visualisation has emerged as a pivotal tool in today's rapidly evolving world. As data continues to accumulate at an exponential pace, it has become progressively challenging to distil valuable insights from the raw information. Consequently, the demand for effective data visualisation techniques has surged, enabling us to uncover meaningful patterns and trends amidst the vast volume of data.

What is the most popular data visualisation tool?

Tableau, a widely acclaimed data visualisation tool, stands out for two primary reasons: its user-friendly interface and impressive capabilities. With seamless connectivity to diverse data sources, Tableau empowers users to create various charts and maps effortlessly, fostering insightful data interpretation.

What are the 3 C's of data visualisation?

Three key elements are crucial to creating a compelling data dashboard: clarity, consistency, and context. While these factors are not the sole considerations, they serve as a solid foundation, particularly for those new to business intelligence. It's important to note that there are other essential aspects to consider. By prioritising these three elements, you'll be well on your way to crafting a captivating narrative with data.

What is the future of data visualisation?

In the future, interactivity will be a crucial element of data visualisation. To gain deeper insights, interactive visualisations are becoming more common than ever before. Simply relying on static charts or graphs is no longer sufficient to comprehend complex data.

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