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Analysing and refining data makes it useful for your business, helping you to improve your campaign performance.
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Put your data to work

Data insights justify decisions that can significantly impact your campaign performance.

Why is data analytics important?

Data analytics solutions are pivotal in today's business landscape, offering an indispensable means to measure and evaluate various aspects of an organisation's operations.

It is a powerful tool to gauge performance across diverse areas, clearly understanding how well an entity is faring in real time.

By harnessing data and analytics services, businesses can delve into an in-depth analysis of their data and uncover valuable insights that might remain hidden in raw figures.

This analysis can extend beyond performance tracking, influencing strategic decision-making in critical areas such as investments and overall operational effectiveness.

The ability to distil complex data into actionable insights empowers organisations to make informed decisions, whether related to financial investments or the overall performance of their products and services.

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Why choose us as your data analytics agency?

Extensive data set expertise

Our profound expertise in data engineering and analytics sets us apart.

With over a decade of hands-on experience, we have diligently worked with Google Analytics, honing our skills and knowledge in the field.

This extensive experience equips us with a deep understanding of various data sets, allowing us to navigate complex data sets seamlessly.

We also have a comprehensive background in working with various Google products, making us a one-stop solution for your data needs.

Credentials that matter

We hold a spectrum of relevant qualifications that underscore our commitment to excellence.

Our team boasts Google Analytics and Google Cloud Platform certifications, which are badges and a testament to our proficiency.

Moreover, our experts hold individual-level certifications, demonstrating our high qualifications and mastery in the field.

Diverse scope of work

Our track record speaks volumes about our diverse and complex projects

  • We've tackled projects that span the entire spectrum of data analytics, from data implementation to building sophisticated data warehouses.
  • We've crafted algorithms that provide valuable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making.

This breadth of experience showcases our adaptability and versatility in handling various data-related challenges.

Our analytics process

Indago's data analytics service is built around a precise methodology to guarantee high-quality insights for your business.

1. Consulting

Our journey in data analysis commences with an extensive consultation process, forging solid and collaborative relationships with clients to gain a profound understanding of their data-related objectives.

During this phase, we investigate the specific data sets they aim to analyse, identifying pivotal focal points and essential metrics aligning with their goals.

Simultaneously, we scrutinise their existing data reporting practices, actively seeking opportunities for improvement and synchronisation with their ever-evolving business requirements.

This consultative approach forms the bedrock for crafting a meticulously tailored data analytics strategy to meet and exceed our client's expectations.

2. Analytics framework development

The development of a data analytics framework signifies the transformative moment when abstract concepts and strategies evolve into practical tools for generating insights.

Our framework development process commences with creating an initial version, much like a prototype intended for evaluation and enhancement.

This iterative approach empowers us to continually fine-tune the framework, adapting it to cater to our client's unique and evolving needs.

Through a continuous cycle of collaboration and feedback, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that the analytics framework doesn't merely meet expectations but consistently excels.

3. Maintenance and optimisation

The final leg of our data analytics journey revolves around the pivotal aspect of maintenance and optimisation.

While building a robust data analytics framework is of utmost importance, maintaining it in peak working conditions holds equal significance.

We proactively monitor its performance, swiftly identifying and addressing any technical issues that may surface.

This unwavering commitment to maintenance assures our clients that their data analytics system will continually deliver precise, reliable, and accurate results, empowering data-driven decisions with unwavering confidence and efficiency.

Explore our data services

Our suite of data services means we’re ready to handle whatever comes our way.

Google analytics

Accurately track and measure website traffic with our Google Analytics service.

Data warehousing

Consolidate your business data for effortless and streamlined analysis.

Data visualisation

Elevate your analytical insights with our data visualisation expertise.

Our recent data projects

Discover how our professional data services have helped these global brands achieve next-level organic growth.

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Our track record speaks for itself.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an analytics service?

Analytics plays a crucial role in uncovering valuable insights and meaningful data that may go unnoticed.

Specifically, business analytics empowers organisations to make well-informed decisions by leveraging these insights derived from data.

By doing so, businesses can enhance sales, minimise costs, and drive overall improvements across their operations. The service is provided by a data analytics company that will provide insight into your business's operations.

What is an analytics service provider?

Data analytics companies specialise in offering solutions for managing and analysing data to extract valuable insights. These providers offer a wide range of services like reporting, visualisation and data warehousing to assist businesses in making informed decisions based on data and optimising their operations.

What is the primary purpose of analytics?

Analytics is a powerful tool that allows us to unveil insights and extract meaningful data that might remain hidden. Specifically, business analytics aims to utilise these insights derived from data collection to drive informed decision-making, ultimately leading to enhanced sales, cost reduction, and overall business improvements.

What are the four pillars of data analytics?

A data analytics agency will provide a comprehensive understanding of predictive analytics by recognising the four levels: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive.

Why do people like analytics?

The power of data in decision-making is genuinely remarkable. Effective methodologies can unravel problems and illuminate what once appeared enigmatic, allowing potential solutions to emerge from the shadows.

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