Ophelia Bernhardt

Performance Director


Ophelia has over 7 years of experience across PR & Digital Marketing, with emphasis on programmatic channels.

She has worked across a wide breadth of industries, include Financial Services, Automotive, Travel, Beauty & Fashion, and Tech.

Ophelia has held roles in agencies, in-house teams, and client-side, and has a well rounded knowledge of a variety of business disciplines, taking pride in being able to bridge the gap between marketing performance and tangible business results.


Ophelia has a variety of hobbies outside of work, with her love for heavy music leading her to many gigs around the world to see different bands.

She also has a green thumb, which leads to too-many pots of plants in her concrete courtyard.

When the weather gets colder, you can always find her on the couch, watching true crime series with knitting needles in hand.


Ophelia completed a Bachelor of Communication (Public Communications), minoring in Screen Studies and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Outside of tertiary education, she has an Adobe Advertising Cloud Certification, Facebook Blueprint Certification & all MFA certifications.


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