Fossil PPC Case Study

Fossil - PPC Case Study

Our team of PPC experts improved Fossil's ROI metrics through new creatives.
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Fossil's challenge

Fossil Group is a fashion retailer that primarily sells watches and bags.

When it comes to end-of-year sales such as Click Frenzy, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas – we want to ensure our ads reach maximal target audiences.

This means gearing the ad to be presented to as many potential consumers with the right intent to buy – at the right price.

The competitive nature of this space meant most retailers presented the market with virtually identical sales. And with the Fossil Group’s abundant product ranges, we needed a way to promote those yielding promises for the highest returns specifically.

How can we utilise our budget to improve our YoY revenue growth and e-commerce sales?

Our methodology

After auditing the account, we recognised some lost impression share on brand searches.

Our approach directed to push the Fossil Group’s brand-impression shares as high as possible by raising bids and budgets.

From there we conducted a forecast on cost-and-revenue, based on previous data.

The budget remainder was then allocated towards activating additional generic high-intent keywords. Keywords like ‘handbag sale’ target broader user ranges during sale periods – instead of the rather specified, ‘handbags for women.’

With an additional channel visually relaying smoother competitor interpretation – our strategically applied shopping ads paved the way for our client to stand out.

The results

Although our cost-per-click was higher due to the activation of specific high-intent keywords – we attained higher volumes during sale periods.

By ensuring the budget applications to the correct areas, we exceeded revenue targets with our client experiencing:

  • 2.5x increase in ROI
  • 15% decrease in YoY spend
  • 0% of impression share loss to budget for brand searches

The remaining budget for high-intent keywords was the main strategy for reaching Fossil’s goals and expectations.

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