Eoghan Groonell

Performance Manager


Eoghan has over 7 years’ experience in Digital Marketing, in Australia and overseas.

Starting his career Client-Side, Eoghan made the switch to Agency nearly 2 years ago to pursue his passion for Paid Media marketing. He has a particular sweet spot for Google products and focuses on driving conversions for clients across multiple industries.

Eoghan likes to focus on existing data and trends to shape future performance. He is a firm believer in having exact KPIs or targets to optimise.


Eoghan loves all kinds of music with, a keen interest in Traditional Irish Music.

He can typically be found somewhere with a lively session or randomly Googling artists in the hopes that a Sydney date has been announced.

He has a keen interest in fitness and the great outdoors. Can be spotted running/walking to Coogee during the week, or trying to play golf at the weekends.

Loves reading Nick Hornby.


Eoghan has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the National University of Ireland Galway. He also has a master’s degree in marketing from the same college, graduating with first-class honours.

He is certified in Google Analytics, Google Ads and SA360.


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