Brooke Eager

Performance Executive


From an initial start in content marketing, Brooke developed an affinity for both the creative and data-driven aspects of paid media.

She made the switch to performance marketing and now uses her diverse skillset to create detail-oriented strategies that engage customers at every point of contact.

She strongly believes in a holistic approach to digital marketing; that a good digital strategy cannot succeed without effective creative work (and vice versa).


On weekends you can find Brooke visiting her family in Wollongong, or soaking up the sunshine on long walks and hikes. She's a coffee fiend and loves exploring local markets with a strong cappuccino in hand.

Brooke is also a geek at heart - she often spends her evenings immersed in her favourite video games, or playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends.


Brooke graduated with a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (Digital Media and Marketing) from the University of Wollongong.

She has also completed the MFA Digital Foundations Certificates I & II, and is Google Ads certified.

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