Crown Resorts PPC Case Study

Crown Resorts- PPC Case Study

Our team of PPC experts improved Crown Resorts' ROI metrics through new creatives.
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The Crown challenge

In a highly competitive market, Crown Resorts looked to improve falling revenue from its restaurants. With various properties and offerings, standard optimisation wasn’t an adequate solution.

We designed a highly segmented series of bid strategies based on key segments within the account. These bid strategies reversed the decreasing revenue trend and increased it YoY.

Machine learning continues to learn and iterate, consistently delivering above target.

Our Methodology

With our analysis of account data through Google Analytics, we identified and segmented the account. This wasn’t based on traditional segments such as branded or generic campaigns but on performance.

We bucketed campaigns based on historical performance and set the strategy constraints based on these.

Historically viewing each campaign’s ROI, revenue, as well as upper and lower CPCs, we were able to group them into 8 segments. Each segment was given a unique target based on this historical information and then adjusted while the algorithm learned and adapted.

This highly structured approach gave us the ability to guide the machine learning as it optimised the campaign performance.

The Results

Before implementing the suite of bid strategies, revenue was trending downward, decreasing 11% over the same period in the previous year.

Once implemented and after a period of learning, the bid strategy resulted in:

  • 13% average improvement in weekly revenue
  • 50% occasional increases in YoY revenue
  • 11% overall increase in YoY revenue – with an upward-trending revenue over this period

With a highly segmented structure, we are continuing to guide the learning of the algorithm and ensure that it continues optimising the account and maximising revenue generation.

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