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Google Analytics

A powerful tool that can track your external and digital performance

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free and if it’s good enough for 63% of the Fortune 500 I’d suggest it’s good enough for you.

It’s a powerful tool that can track the performance of your external marketing as well as your digital assets – mobile and apps included. If you’re not Google Analytic’s educated and qualified and in digital marketing we’d suggest it’s the most important qualification to have.

At indago digital we understand that our campaigns are only as good as the data we have access to. If your analytics is not set up correctly, then the campaigns we run are flawed.

Our first port of call is to check that your Google Analytics has been properly implemented. After gaining a full understanding of the business we will set up goals and funnels to ensure the focus of the campaign is correct. Most importantly indago digital will set up the required dashboards and reports to ensure reporting transparency and that IP is retained with the client’s business.

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Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful reporting tool. Indago Digital custom build reports and dashboards dependant on client needs.

In addition to reporting we also provide proactive data interrogation.

Google Analytics Strategy

In order to define a Google Analytics strategy first we need to understand your business goals and translate them into KPI’s:

To define these KPI’s we will ask you questions such as:

What does success look like for your business?

What actions do you want users to perform on your site?

What constitutes a sales or a lead?

Do you collect email addresses for a mailing list?

What advertising sources are you currently using?

The answers to these questions will enable Indago Digital to build an Analytics strategy for you and ensure that all relevant data is tracked.

Google Analytics Audit

The next stage is to audit your current account. The audit checks will vary from industry to industry however below is an example of some of the settings that we will check:

Is the GA tracking code on all of your pages?

Has conversion tracking been set up?

Has bot traffic been excluded?

Has internal IP been excluded?

Are events being tracked?

Are Search Console and AdWords correctly connected?

Are site searches being tracked?

Are there any self-referrals in the account?

Are any pages being duplicated?

Google Analytics Implementation

The results from the strategy and audit will allows us to build our implementation plan. Indago Digital always recommended testing analytics implementations in a testing environment before moving to the live site.

The hours required to implement a strategy vary from client to client. Recent implementations have included:

Event Tracking

Goal Tracking

Cross Domain Tracking

3rd Party Platform Integration