Content Development

‘Build it and they will come’ doesn’t work here. Build content for a reason and don’t simply place it in your blog and hope it works. Content needs to be planned and the starting point has to be; what are we trying to achieve?

When you know what you’re trying to achieve, build engaging content in a suitable format, preferably numerous formats, and then seed and distribute it. If its worthy of producing it’ll be re-tweeted, posted, plagiarised and linked to.

Today, SEO & Content are inseparable and dependent on each other. It is pretty simple, for SEO to be successful, you need high quality engaging content and a lot of it. Whether it is for the website ( sales copy, blog articles, infographics etc..) or for distribution purposes ( Press releases, articles, videos, newsletter etc..) your content needs to reflect your brand and stand out. Check out our Content Marketing services for more info.