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Google Marketing: Next Keynote — 2017
Covering the future of marketing, the role of technology & more, Google’s Keynote centred on user experience as the key consideration for all marketing activity.
4 min. read
5 Tips to Keep Your Digital Marketing Reporting Brilliant
While reporting is case by case, here are 5 tips to keep in your pocket when putting together a report, to help reduce time wastage and improve client relations.
6 min. read
Au Revoir! Google Sends Exact Match Packing
I’m sure we can all agree 2017 has been a big year so far for Google & advertisers; One full of nail-biting action & I’m not talking about SEO algorithm updates!
5 min. read
Is 'Advanced Demographic Targeting for Search' Great?
A month ago Google launched the much-awaited 'Demographic Targeting for Search feature' & we’ve been eagerly collecting data. So let’s get into the nitty-gritty.
4 min. read
2016 Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote
On May 24 Google announced its new AdWords & Analytics products. It’s every search geeks favourite day of the year. The comprehensive keynote lasts over an hour.
4 min. read
Do you want your competitors AdWords data for free?
Here’s the sticky scenario, your boss & client storms over the phone “The AdWords account performance is down again and I need you to tell me why before lunch!”.
4 min. read
Google Analytics RLSA: In Your AdWords Strategy
Search Remarketing Lists for Search Ads has been available for quite some time, using the AdWords Remarketing tags to generate remarketing audiences via AdWords.
3 min. read
Is Your Phone Number A Part Of Your Brand?
Driving any form of call volume via your digital assets? Not tracking it is a mistake especially if it’s via an AdWords campaign as Google provide free tracking.
3 min. read
Your Must-Know Digital Marketing Acronyms Explained
Our industry loves its acronyms but what do they all mean? Read on as Indago Digital explains these 30 popular digital marketing acronyms with their definitions.
5 min. read

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