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What Is Paid Media and Why Is It Important?

Paid media in its simplest form is an ad placement, paid for by advertisers. These ad placements can be bought across a variety of channels and platforms and are grouped as traditional media (TV, radio, outdoor billboards), and digital media like Google search network, Facebook and more.

Paid media is an integral part of any advertising strategy. It is important for driving awareness (launching a new product, website), acquisition (ecommerce, sign-ups) and retention (upselling, cross-selling to existing customers).

Most advertising campaigns span across traditional and digital media channels and platforms.

With advancements in technology and the rise of big data, most channels and platforms can target users at an increasingly granular level, like location, interests and so forth. This is especially true for digital media.

What Is Paid Media and Why Is It Important?

Paid Media at Indago Digital

At Indago Digital, everything we do starts with a conversation around performance. As no two clients are alike, we craft bespoke solutions to satisfy their KPIs.

Paid media across Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising is at the heart of what we do, but Paid Social (Facebook, LinkedIn), Paid Video (YouTube, other publishers) and Display (Google Display Network, direct buys) are also significant parts. Running Paid Media across numerous channels enables drawing attribution insights to advise our clients on optimal budget distributions.

We believe in testing and pushing our clients in Paid Media and try anything fitting for client objectives.

Paid Media Agency Testimonials

Successful Stories

  • Larissa Kogan
    Larissa Kogan
    55 years ago
    Digital Producer - NGS Super;

    We just entered into our second year contract with Indago for a broad number of digital marketing services including SEO, Google Ads and paid social. The service and quality of product from Indago is great and I look forward to working with them throughout this and subsequent years.

  • Aravind Balasubramaniam
    Aravind Balasubramaniam
    2 years ago
    Senior Marketing Manager - Nestle Professionals;

    The SEO service provided by INDAGO DIGITAL has been of exceptional quality. Our online properties have become more customer centric and effective at getting the right exposure, our content has become successful at engaging the right B2B stakeholders and all of these improvements have occurred within a short span of time. Indago Digital is a fantastic agency to work with!

  • Jessica Monk
    Jessica Monk
    55 years ago
    Senior Marketing Manager - ADT Security;

    The team at Indago Digital have been great to work with. They have been patient, supportive, personable and resilient through numerous business transformations at ADT. Their knowledge of our business from the people working on our account right up to the MD has been impressive. I am incredibly grateful for their honesty and client centric approach.

  • Peter Skjellerup
    Peter Skjellerup
    55 years ago
    Marketing Manager - Five Star Games ;

    We’ve been working with Indago for over a year and it’s great to see their continued passion for digital marketing, our industry, our brand and its marketing effort. They are always interested in trying new channels in a constant effort to improve results.

  • Hemant Kokularupan
    Hemant Kokularupan
    55 years ago
    General Manager - Chisholm Institute ;

    It’s been a pleasure working with Indago Digital and not just from a digital marketing perspective. Their understanding of our vertical and the nuances of Chisholm itself is nothing short of remarkable. That understanding is critical in driving results in what is a highly competitive vertical.

  • Richard Hill
    Richard Hill
    55 years ago
    Head of Digital Marketing - BBC Worldwide ;

    We’ve used indago digital to run a number of campaigns promoting a variety of our TV series and online shop. What I’ve been impressed with, is that if things didn’t run perfectly or to the level we required they didn’t sit back and rest of their laurels. Instead they adapted and bettered our campaigns trying to drive increased results.

  • Rebecca Newton
    Rebecca Newton
    55 years ago
    Group Head of Marketing - Crown Resorts ;

    The relationship is still in its infancy but in the short time that we’ve worked with indago digital we’re been impressed with the level of dedication and detail placed onto our campaigns. We work with numerous people there who are effectively communicating with each other to make sure that nothing drops off and none of our IP is lost.

  • Sebastian Graham
    Sebastian Graham
    55 years ago
    Marketing Director - Living Social ;

    We’ve worked with the team at Indago Digital for a while now. We’ve found them flexible, professional, easy to work with and most importantly they have delivered the results we need. I fully recommend Gary and his team to any business.

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