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In today’s competitive landscape, accurately managing marketing data is more important than ever – but it can be challenging. With the amount of data now available, it’s critical to have a system in place that can organise and make sense of this information.

As data-driven marketing has become essential to the modern marketer, understanding how to utilise the right tools and strategies for collecting, analysing data is a must. Doing this effectively in tandem with rapidly evolving technologies, changing consumer behavior trends and regulatory requirements around privacy and security can be a marketers biggest challenge though.

Even though most companies are investing big money into big data, they nonetheless fail to witness any tangible outcomes. It’s not surprising either when you think about it; many of them only store large quantities of information without connecting the dots and transforming all this knowledge into actionable insights.

70% of marketing and sales executives have confirmed that producing decisions based on data has become a major goal within their organisations. Unfortunately, though, only 2% reported that they’d achieved a “broad, positive impact”.

We transform your marketing data

into business opportunities

Indatum collects, stores and aggregates your data deluge and gives it the structure required to unleash its game-changing potential.

With our cutting-edge tools and services, you will be in a prime position to make data-driven decisions that will drive your business forward.

Investing in a culture that’s powered by insights from data will not only help your organisation reach new heights, it will also ensure that you remain agile enough to keep pace with the rapid pace of change.


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A brief introduction

Business tools today provide more data than you can throw a stick at.

And that’s the issue…

The volume of available data is blinding but these amazing tools don’t communicate with each other… making it difficult to consolidate information into insights that drive business growth

Indatum is a data and analytics consultancy created by search marketing experts, Indago Digital.

We specialise in finding or building the right tools for your needs; extracting, storing, visualising, and aligning your data, and applying our extensive experience to uncover insights that create efficiencies and drive real growth.

Do you speak your customers' language?

Intelligent Keyword Research

Using simple-to-understand visualisation tools, our keyword ranking tool helps you learn what your share of voice is compared to all of your competitors by location, device or just about any other metric that tickles your fancy.





Your tailored for top rankings

Ranking Factor Analysis

What if you could visit the top-ranked pages for any chosen keyword and determine EXACTLY which of the search engines’ boxes they’re ticking?

You can! 






Shine a light on your customers' burning questions

Content Planning Tool

Google answers 228 million questions every hour.

Indatum sorts through all of them to discover your customer’s burning questions, thousands of them, and dices them up to determine how valuable they are to you and your customers.






Relevance and Authority = Rankings

Link Building Tool

Indatum’s Link Building Tool reviews 100,000’s of your competitors’ links to identify the perfect link profile, while our scoring system categorises and prioritises them to reveal the links that are ripe for the picking, saving time and money.







Unlock the Power of Data

Insights & Actions

83% of CEOs want their organisation to be more data driven, but only 25% of them are considered to have a strong, enterprise-wide data culture.

Organisations are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data available to them and it’s often scattered, siloed and incompatible.

Utilising our proprietary technology to analyse customer needs, Indatum transforms data into insights about customers’ needs and turns those insights into actions.








Make data-driven decisions and discover new performance drivers with Indatum.

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