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What Is Digital Cadets?

Digital Cadets is a free, one-day event for outstanding University students in their final or penultimate year, seeking further education on digital marketing and the available careers.

Previous trainers have been from Google, NAB and Randstad

No matter your degree, Digital Cadets offers students 6 key-learnings:

Insight into the future of the internet and how machine learning will change what we do as consumers and advertisers.

Advice from recent graduates working in the industry. What they enjoy and their advice for getting into the industry.

Skillset Applicability. What skills a digital marketer needs in today’s ever-changing world.

Industry Employment Overview. How do you land the best jobs in the industry?

Career Expectations. What does career progression look like and what kind of salaries can you expect?

Digital Marketing Education. What do all those digital acronyms mean – SEO, SEM & PPC for starters?

What Do We Strive For With Digital Cadets?

The Digital Cadets Aim

A key issue Australian digital marketing faces is developing young and diverse, locally educated talent to fuel our standing as a world leader in the industry. As the industry grows we are continually importing talent rather than growing it and it’s simply not sustainable.

With Digital Cadets, we aim to;


Educate - All University students that their skills are valued in digital marketing.


Train - University students on the various subjects within digital marketing.


Equip - University students with the tools to land the best jobs in the industry.

Bridge The Gap

Bridge The Gap - Between Universities and Australia’s digital marketing industry.


Position - Australia as a world leader in digital marketing, fuelled by young, home-grown talent.

Digital Cadets is currently based out of Sydney – but we’re looking to go much further abroad and around Australia!

Fill in the application form by clicking the button below, and let us know where you want us to host a Digital Cadets event for you to attend!


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Past Events Reviewed

See How Past Events Benefit Our Cadets ..

Did Digital Cadets improve your knowledge of digital marketing?

  • 33% of students said that the day increased their knowledge more than they could have imagined.
  • 48% of students said that the day increased their knowledge of digital marketing a great deal.
  • 19% of students said that the day increased their knowledge of digital marketing a bit.

How did you rate the event?

  • 54% of students said that it was excellent.
  • 35% of students said that it was very good.
  • 10% of students said that it was good.

Would you be more likely to pursue a career in digital marketing after attending Digital Cadets?

  • 86% of students said they’re more likely to pursue a career in digital marketing after attending!

Do you think your University course needs a stronger focus on digital?

  • 65% of students said that they strongly agree.
  • 31% of students said that they agree.

Student Testimonials

Hear What Our Former Cadets Had To Say ..

  • Josephine Rizko
    Josephine Rizko
    55 years ago
    Student - Marketing & Media - Macquarie University ;

    I think digital marketing’s the way of the future in terms of e-commerce and business in general. Everything’s shifting online so why shouldn’t marketing?

  • Dr. Ray Welling
    Dr. Ray Welling
    55 years ago
    Lecturer - University Of Sydney - School of Business ;

    This is a really good example of how you can give students a really good kick-start – the idea of building a website, building awareness for it, and then even moving to conversion. Doing all that within the space of one day is a really great way for them to get a leg-up on the career that they might have.

  • Sabine Levin
    Sabine Levin
    55 years ago
    Student - Commerce & Marketing - Macquarie University ;

    I think digital marketing is really important for our industry, It’s constantly changing. It’s really exciting because there’s so many different things to learn about it.

  • Susie Khamis
    Susie Khamis
    55 years ago
    Senior Lecturer - University Of Technology Sydney - School of Communications ;

    This is a fantastic industry driven-and-lead forum and initially even I commend Digital Cadets for what its done so far.

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Over the years we have built-up a repository of courses, with coaches highly proficient in interactive, project-led training.

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