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Indago Digital are the experts in providing search marketing training. Not only do we run our own courses but we train for Google Squared Online, The Australian Institute of Management and a range of tertiary education institutions.

We’ve used the vast experience we’ve built up over the years, as well as our marketing search marketing expertise, to create this comprehensive library of free digital marketing training courses and webinars.

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Free Search Marketing Courses

How UX Affects Finance Company Search Rankings

Deepen your understanding of the role user experience plays in boosting rankings as it pertains to finance sector companies. You’re probably aware that UX is now up there as Google’s key criteria.

In this session (recorded at the 2022 Mumbrella Finance Summit), we share exclusive research into the Australian finance industry that leaves no doubt as to just how important UX is to rankings and we also reveal where Australian finance companies sit as far as global and industry-based user experience benchmarks.

Free Course – Technical SEO

Technical SEO lays down the foundation for any successful SEO campaign. After all, your site can’t rank if the search engines can’t see it. That is what Technical SEO is concerned with – eliminating issues that prevent search engines from discovering and crawling your content.

Free Search Marketing Webinars

About the panelists

<h4>Gary Nissim</h4>

Gary Nissim

Is the founder of Indago Digital and has worked in digital marketing for over 20 years. He’s a marketing specialist with experience in a diverse range of digital channels and services including; search, affiliate, social media, digital performance (DSP), attribution and analytics. He’s also one of Google’s Squared Online trainers taking students through search marketing and attribution.

<h4>Peter Dimakidis</h4>

Peter Dimakidis

Peter is head of SEO at Indago Digital and is one of the country’s foremost experts on the subject. His SEO career spans two decades over which he has had the pleasure of working on the country’s largest brands. With a deep fascination in technology and a beautiful creative streak his ability saddles these often opposing skills.

<h4>Preet Singh</h4>

Preet Singh

Preet leads Indago’s Performance & Analytics team. With a background in finance and a strong grasp of all things technical Preet is one of the country’s leading analytics experts having worked on some of the country’s best known brands. Often Preet is creating the analytics solution, not sourcing it.

<h4>Luke Ashmore-Delaney</h4>

Luke Ashmore-Delaney

Last year Luke was a Google Performance Honours All Star and was pivotal in ensuring that Indago was shortlisted to win the overall agency award. He’s one of the country’s rising digital stars and is an expert in paid search, display, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and a number of other social media channels.

What does the industry think of our training?

<h4> </h4>

“Indago run awesome digital learning workshops. Just had them in for a condensed SEO and content workshop which was brilliant, right balance of technical know-how and practical application.”

<h4> </h4>

“Very informative and clear training on SEO and Google Analytics…they know their stuff. The content was up to date, relevant to us all and presented by subject matter experts.”

<h4> </h4>

“The course was highly engaging, interactive and practical. They showed a genuine interest for our businesses and how they could equip us with the skills to drive results for SEO and improve overall business success.”

<h4> </h4>

“I recently did a course with Indago and they were really awesome. They know all about the digital world and I look forward to joining them for another lesson.”

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