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Why A Trained Client Makes All The Difference

Over the years at Indago Digital – we have nursed a repository of training courses – hosting internal coaches for the proficient provision of highly interactive, project-led training for clientele.

And at Indago Digital, we keep a keen eye open for any opportunity to train our clientele for furthering their digital marketing knowledge and ability.

A well-educated and informed client can only help drive their own results – and with a client portfolio spanning most verticals – the areas of digital marketing learnings that need refinement stand to vary.

Which is why our training approaches vary to centre around that specific client’s unique needs and exact vertical.

What’s more – our training sessions are bespoke in employing client-familiar accounts and technologies for easier comprehension and an unhindered learning experience.

Why A Trained Client Makes All The Difference

Get Digital-Equipped By Indago

Being Client-Trained With Us

Indago Digital ensures that each client stays well-informed to enable asking us the right questions. As part of our retainers we encourage clients to further their digital marketing expertise and make use of our training provisions as much as needed.

Our currently, in-demand digital marketing training request favourites:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Content & PR
  • Paid Media
  • Analytics & Attribution
  • Data Insights

With a team that holistically employs clear-cut coaching tactics – our trainers are well-equipped in grooming clients for any digital marketing arena.

So, when push comes to shove – we collaboratively pursue the right strategy for your business goals.

Digital Marketing Coaching & Training

We Train Our Clients In ..

Introduction to Digital Marketing – Acquaint yourself to Digital Marketing with introductory coaching spanning SEO, Google Analytics, Data Insights and more!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Scratch the surface of white-hat, organically driven search engine optimisation learnings, as well as the nitty-gritty aspects such as content, technical, local and international SEO.

Content & PR – Become well-versed on the rudimentary role content, link-building and PR plays in organically optimising your site to scale up those SERP ranks.

Paid Media – Experience creating & managing ROI-driven paid, advertorial campaigns for channels like Google Ads, Facebook and more!

Analytics & Attribution – Learn to accurately interpret the genetic make-up of your site’s audience, track inbound traffic, & gauge each channel’s profitability.

Data Insights – Dive deep into the data-full world of platforms like Google Analytics, Search Console – and learn to extract concrete, actionable insights.

How Do Clients Accomplish Key-Learning Outcomes?

Our Client Training Approach

We offer free training as a part of the campaign to equip clients with the correct digital marketing learnings. We train to nurture their ability in contributing to their campaigns’ successes with insightful inputs – so together – we can produce optimal results.


Campaign-oriented - A well-informed client pushes campaigns in the right direction and seldom wastes time in ensuring maximum campaign success.

Which is why we cut the redundant, ad hoc topics and focus on relaying the truly beneficial learnings for clients and their campaigns.

Firmly-Planted Digital Marketing Roots

Firmly-Planted Digital Marketing Roots - Too often clients don’t understand the basics and try delving deeper into the more complex digital marketing channels and components.

We start at the roots of the elected digital marketing training arena to coach the fundamentals and basics. Our trainers confirm the client confidently grasps these foundations to avoid facing any subsequent training complexities.

Clear & Concise In Advanced Components

Clear & Concise In Advanced Components - Whether a client elects SEO or another training specialty – each digital marketing arena is an umbrella to deeper complex components. The skills required to entirely tame even one field like SEO are broad - broad enough to refute any claims of an SEO all-rounder.

We tackle training these deeper digital learnings with simplistically structured sessions that get the need-to-know technicalities across clearly.

Client-Suited For Smooth Comprehension

Client-Suited For Smooth Comprehension - When we say our training is a love-letter dedicated to our clients – we stand by showing them the exclusivity and extra attention with stand-out, unique options of a one-day session or a series of mornings.

Atop flexibly accommodating schedules, we augment sessions to client knowledge and utilise vertical-specific case studies and familiar tools for an easy-to-grasp training.

Ensuring Client’s Enabled Capabilities Prior Concluding

Ensuring Client’s Enabled Capabilities Prior Concluding - Upon approaching the final training stages, our professional coaches ensure the provided course work and divulged information is well-absorbed. The trainers tap into the trainees’ comprehension of the larger campaign management aspects in play like reporting.

And when coupled with a retouch on course fundamentals - we ensure your solo practical applications will reflect your training sessions’ learnings outcomes.

Not only are our digital marketing courses optimally tailored so our client trainees benefit with the learnings they need – we also cater to those digital marketing-savvy to any level.

Are you an Indago Digital client, ready to become further equipped with your digital marketing knowledge?

Get in touch by submitting the form from the button below to enquire about creating your own bespoke digital marketing training session!


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Trained Clientele Testimonials

Hear From Our Trained Digital-Savvy Clients ..

  • Esther Singh
    Esther Singh
    55 years ago
    Retention Specialist - ANZ Wealth ;

    I completed the AIMS course and Tom Sadler was an amazing and informative speaker! The course was run extremely well!

  • Sarah Ong
    Sarah Ong
    55 years ago
    E-Commerce Co-Ordinator - The Body Shop ;

    I completed the AIM course on SEO & Content Marketing. Gary Nissim was the presenter and he provided valuable insight into the Digital Marketing industry. Not only was the course insightful and informative, it was also highly engaging, interactive and practical. Gary encouraged class participation and questions. He showed a genuine interest for our businesses and how he could equip us with the skills to drive results for SEO and improve overall business success.

  • Yee Wei Yeow
    Yee Wei Yeow
    55 years ago
    Data Analyst - Mamamia ;

    Recently did a course with Gary and he is really awesome. He knows all about the digital world and I look forward to joining him for another lesson.

  • Kylie Beaufoy
    Kylie Beaufoy
    55 years ago
    Marketing Director - Hall Chadwick ;

    I went to one of the courses that Tom taught at AIM about SEO and content management.

    I had high expectations and Tom succeeded these. The knowledge he shared that day has changed many aspects about the way we do things in our company with obvious effects. Five stars well earnt.

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Client Trainers & Digital Coaches

At Indago Digital we recognise that well-educated and informed clients can only help drive results. We train them so they can ask the right questions and push the correct strategy. We are happy to provide as much training as required for your Content/PR teams (writing for SEO), traditional marketing (introduction to digital marketing), acquisition teams (advanced SEM) and C-Suite.

Over the years we have built-up a repository of courses, with coaches highly proficient in interactive, project-led training.

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