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Why Be Trained/ Do You Need It?

Staying up to date with what’s new in digital marketing is imperative. And what better way to stay on-track than being trained by an agency at the industry forefront?

In today’s world, digital marketing affects many business units outside mere marketing;

  • Procurement in buying marketing technologies
  • IT to optimise websites
  • Sales to understand your customers’ journey from lead to sale

Such teams and client-side marketeers should be well-acquainted with digital marketing. But it’s impossible for the modern marketeer to be across all these channels.

Marketing platforms continually change targeting options, new campaign management platforms and technologies are introduced, and tracking methodologies are repeatedly updated.

Training is the best way to stay across these updates – all the while picking-up new strategies to drive success.

Why Be Trained/ Do You Need It?

Training With Indago Digital

Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry and calls for more than learning the mere academic teachings – possibly redundant.

Our training material is frequently updated by professionals from unique disciplines and feature the latest techniques and technologies. Our interactive sessions then put your new skills into action under a group environment.

While the standard courses include; General Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social, Content, Display and Analytics, we also tailor-make bespoke courses for any unique requirements and business verticals.

Keen learners can also attend other courses we tutor at; Google’s Squared Online, ADMA or the Australian Institute of Management.

Digital Cadets

To fuel Australia as a world leader in digital marketing – the industry must nurture young, diverse, locally educated talent and bridge the gap with universities.

Digital Cadets educates university students on their skill-set value in the industry, trains them on digital marketing aspects, and equips them for their ideal placement.

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Our Trained Digital Marketeers' Testimonials

Successful Stories

  • Esther Singh
    Esther Singh
    55 years ago
    Retention Specialist - ANZ Wealth ;

    I completed the AIMS course and Tom Sadler was an amazing and informative speaker! The course was run extremely well!

  • Kylie Beaufoy
    Kylie Beaufoy
    55 years ago
    Marketing Director - Hall Chadwick ;

    I went to one of the courses that Tom taught at AIM about SEO and content management.

    I had high expectations and Tom succeeded these. The knowledge he shared that day has changed many aspects about the way we do things in our company with obvious effects. Five stars well earnt.

  • Sarah Ong
    Sarah Ong
    55 years ago
    E-Commerce Co-Ordinator - The Body Shop ;

    I completed the AIM course on SEO & Content Marketing. Gary Nissim was the presenter and he provided valuable insight into the Digital Marketing industry. Not only was the course insightful and informative, it was also highly engaging, interactive and practical. Gary encouraged class participation and questions. He showed a genuine interest for our businesses and how he could equip us with the skills to drive results for SEO and improve overall business success.

  • Yee Wei Yeow
    Yee Wei Yeow
    55 years ago
    Data Analyst - Mamamia ;

    Recently did a course with Gary and he is really awesome. He knows all about the digital world and I look forward to joining him for another lesson.

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