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What Is Data Insights and Why Is It Important?

Data is a commodity just like oil – yet possibly more valuable. And with the advent of technology, collection methods and platforms – it’s everywhere. This can’t be more valid for digital marketing and advertising.

The challenge lies in making this data useful. Because much like oil, the raw form is crude and unusable.

Hence, we analyse and refine it for resulting data insights – aka; petroleum. For example, in Google Analytics we can see data like the number of sessions per month. The data insight we may derive is that 40% of those sessions were from females who convert 15% better than the average.

Such insights justify decisions that significantly impact campaign performance. These insights remain significant throughout a campaign’s lifetime and require continuous improvements.

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What Is Data Insights and Why Is It Important?

Data Insights at Indago Digital

All our decisions are derived from data.

This data is generated from platforms like Google Ads, Google Analytics and Search Console and collected in a central repository, then visualised via tools like Tableau. This enables us to look at all the data in a single view and draw actionable insights for implementation across client campaigns.

Actionable insights are the key here. Due to the abundantly available data, it can be easy to get carried away and lose site of which actions could result in the most value.

Our expert understanding of the most powerful analytics and digital marketing platforms allows us to make data useful for clients.

Data Insights Testimonials

Successful Stories

  • Steven Small
    Steven Small
    55 years ago
    Senior Marketing Manager - Hudson Recruitment;

    I’ve never had such a high level of engagement from an SEO agency, with such a great level of service – and I’ve worked with a few! Indago have answered all our questions especially when walking us through the tech audit, which I’ve quite literally never witnessed before. We are extremely happy with how things are progressing.

  • Joel Brandon
    Joel Brandon
    55 years ago
    Digital Performance & Acquisition Manager - Hollard;

    It’s been a pleasure working with Indago Digital over the past few years. They employ skilled people who are able to work collaboratively, driving strategy or being led, depending on the requirement at the time. They take a data led test and learn approach to digital marketing which for me is the only way to drive results.

  • Jessica Monk
    Jessica Monk
    55 years ago
    Senior Marketing Manager - ADT Security;

    The team at Indago Digital have been great to work with. They have been patient, supportive, personable and resilient through numerous business transformations at ADT. Their knowledge of our business from the people working on our account right up to the MD has been impressive. I am incredibly grateful for their honesty and client centric approach.

  • Dario Paolini
    Dario Paolini
    55 years ago
    Marketing Manager - IDP Education ;

    You always want your chosen agency, no matter the discipline, to fulfill certain basic account management services. To answer e-mails and calls promptly, provide documents on time and to deliver on their promises. I’m glad to say that Indago Digital deliver on those basics as well as the more complex facets of SEO.

  • Alan Chapman
    Alan Chapman
    55 years ago
    Senior Director- Marketing and Communications - Robert Half ;

    It’s refreshing to have an agency which practises what it preaches in its pitch. The ideas, flare and passion that came across in our initial meetings is still very much there. We started with Indago servicing Australia and quickly expanded their support into other regional markets.

  • Jonathan Kwan
    Jonathan Kwan
    55 years ago
    Search Account Manager - Microsoft Search ;

    I was recently placed as the account manager on Indago’s SEM accounts and I’ve been impressed with the way they work. They’ve been quick to work with us on new beta’s, use the platform’s advanced targeting options and realise the true potential of Bing as an integral channel in the digital sphere for driving top performance for their clients.

  • Arsham Imani
    Arsham Imani
    55 years ago
    VP ANZ - Kenshoo ;

    Indago is one of our partner agencies here in Australia and we knew they’d grow a solid client base quickly but more importantly use our technology the way it’s intended to be. Kenshoo is a powerful tool and it’s great to see it being pushed to its limits.

  • Sophie Smallwood
    Sophie Smallwood
    55 years ago
    Account Manager - Sweet & Chilli ;

    Indago Digital have provided sound advice from the start. We’ve worked with other agencies who have confused rather than educated us, but Indago have simplified what we previously believed to be difficult ideas and concepts. They’ve focused on getting the basics right, which is where most value is for us.

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