SEO Site Migration

At Indago Digital, managing site migrations is one of our specialties. Our track record in successfully completing large site migrations projects while positively impacting SEO makes us one of the best candidates to plan and handle such projects. The reasons why we have constantly achieved success can be attributed to three main factors:

  • Skill sets of our SEO Team: Highly technical SEO gurus with solid background in development.
  • SEO Technology: We use a range of sophisticated tools to monitor your Indexed Content, Broken Links, 301 Redirects, HTTP Headers, Site Speed, Rankings, Downtime and more.
  • Communications & Reporting: We aim to communicate effectively and in a timely manner to keep you up-to-date with the progress of the migration plan and suggest any necessary tweaks.

When Does a Site Migration Take Place

Typical scenarios where a site migration occurs includes:

  • Changing domain name / hosting provider

  • Implementing new site design

  • Changing URL / Site Structure

When Should I Engage Indago Digital for a Site Migration?

We can’t stress highly enough how important it is to involve your SEO agency as soon as a site migration project has been decided. Imagine all the funds invested in SEO have gone to waste because your SEO site migration process didn’t follow best practices. Losing rankings can be a painful thing especially if SEO is responsible for a significant percentage of your traffic and revenue.

Our technical search engine optimization team will work with your developer or development agency side by side to ensure no  rankings are lost throughout the migration project.

We have documented our own checklist of on-page and off-page areas that need to be handled in a specific way throughout the migration to avoid any drops in traffic or rankings. This gives our clients piece of mind knowing their business is not going to suffer when migrating their website.

It is worthwhile noting that site migrations offer the opportunity to implement other technical SEO elements that have been put on hold. If you’re planning a site migration soon, get in touch with us today.