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An excellent way to achieve high visibility in search engines is via link building. Links are still a very important part of Google’s algorithm however, the quality, relevance and variety of backlinks is what counts. The benefits of building links to your website can be summarized as the following :

Improve search engine rankings
Attract relevant traffic from sites linking to you
Enhance your brand online
Support your other SEO efforts

Link Building Strategy

To create a solid link building strategy, we take a few things into account. Firstly, we perform a granular link audit to understand your current link profile.The link audit will reveal what categories of links your website and your competitors’ currently have. Typical link categories include partners & suppliers,news articles, influencer blogs, local citations, mentions of your brand, government sites, sponsorships and more. For each link category we investigate the opportunities and the level of work needed to acquire them. We then look at your industry and understand how businesses in your industry link to each other. Another aspect that we take into consideration is clients’ events as they may present opportunities to build relevant links.

Once we have all the necessary input we need about links quality, relevance and estimated time, we tailor a link building strategy for your campaign and begin the execution process.

Link Strategy Implementation

In the execution process, we involve our SEO managers, content producers and PR team to come up with right tactics, contact websites, pitch our idea and create any content needed. For a link building campaign to be successful, it is important to establish a win-win scenario for our clients and the sites linking to them and that’s exactly what we aim to achieve.

We aim to go for the low hanging fruit first to try and get some momentum. This includes links from your Partners & Suppliers , Social Networks and Unlinked brand mentions. The next phase would be to target high authority sites in your niche with content and aim to acquire relevant links. We don’t focus on creating links to the home page only but also to deep pages within your website such as your category , sub-category pages or even your product / service pages.

Links To Avoid or Remove

You definitely want to avoid creating low quality or irrelevant links such as links on article directories, social bookmarking sites, irrelevant businesses directories, spammy guest blogging sites etc… These types of links are considered spammy and will work against our goal in building a solid link profile. If your company’s site already has spammy links pointing to it, our link audit process will take care of them by either requesting removals or submitting them to Google’s disavow tool. At Indago, we use a range of tools that monitors current backlinks and notifies us of new ones.

Ongoing Approach

Link building is not a one off exercise but rather an ongoing one especially that competitors are likely acquiring more links regularly. Our SEO managers use a set of tools to not only monitor our clients’ links but also their competitors’. This will allow us to constantly find opportunities for our clients to leverage.

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