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What is SEO and why is it important?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the online presence of a business in the search engine results pages (SERPs). As users search for your products or services online, Google and other search engines show web pages that are highly relevant to their search queries. SEO will position your relevant web pages high in the rankings to drive users to your website.

Due to providing one of the highest ROI (return on investment), SEO has become an integral part of the marketing mix for companies that realise the potential of organic, natural search engine traffic.

Whilst many people have heard of SEO few understand the impact that improve your SEO rankings can have.

For example moving from position 6 to position 3 in the Google rankings for a keyword such as “Car Insurance” would treble the number of site visits from 2,760 to 7,289 per month.

Why hire Indago as your SEO Agency?

Indago Digital takes a holistic approach to organic search by optimizing every aspect of your SEO campaign:

Technical – There is no such thing as a perfect technical website however Indago will attempt to get you as close to perfect as possible. This starts with a technical audit of your website. We then identify the issues that will have the biggest potential impact ad rank them by ease of implantation. Next, we will produce a project plan and help you manage the changes that will be implemented by your web developers.

Content – Everyone has heard the phrase “content is king” but what does that mean for you and your business? Indago will look at your existing on site content and conduct a gap analysis to identify any missing pages. We will help you build content to rank for the most relevant, searched for terms on Google. We can either build the content for you using our copywriting executives or help guide your team through the process.

Links – Google’s original ranking concept was based upon the citation process used by academic papers. They understood that the more respected authors that cited your work, the more important you must be. Google took this theory and applied it to the web. Today links are just as important as they were when Google first launched. Indago will help build you a link building plan that will increase the number of high quality, relevant sites that link to you. We will integrate with your PR team and ensure that you maximise the ‘bang for your buck’ from every digital activity.

Competitor – Google’s algorithm works differently depending on the vertical that you operate in. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor and understand why a competitor is ranking better then you. Indago conduct comprehensive competitor research on your competitors technical, content and link profiles to aid you in beating the competition.

Training – Gary Nissim Indago’s MD is the SEO trainer for Google, IAB and ADMA. We always train our clients to help further their understanding of SEO. This training often extends to the wider company to help improve internal processes

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SEO Agency v In-House Team

One question that we’re often asked is what are the benefits of an SEO agency versus an in-house team?

Indago employees are SEO experts, they have a deep knowledge of SEO

They live and breathe SEO every day

Google makes 100’s of changes to its algorithm every year which is hard to follow if you’re not working on it 24/7

Our experience of SEO enables us to comprehensively test candidates before employing them

Having multiple SEO employees encourages lots of peer learning and idea sharing

Whilst we believe in the agency model we would always encourage our clients to have an in-house resource who works alongside us to champion SEO within your organisation.

Our SEO Agency Team

As an SEO agency, we have carefully hand-picked the skills required to maximize the potential of clients in search engines. Our aim is to create the most profitable strategies, communicate them effectively with clients and work side by side with any parties involved to achieve the desired objectives.

Our SEO team has over 20 years of combined experience across SEO especially within the Travel, Finance, Hospitality, Medical, IT and Retail industries. Our SEO team profiles are coming soon.

SEO is an ever-changing industry, we want to make sure that our team stays ahead of the curve with the latest SEO news and tools. For that reason, we send our team to important industry events and have integrated regular training and shared knowledge sessions in our weekly schedule.