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What Is Website Migration and Why Is It Important?

At Indago Digital we have overseen a multitude of website migrations, with a data lead approach at each phase of the project. We offer a full website migration service, from initial planning and basic SEO requirements for developers (including a full range of mobile first aspects like page speed), IA design and 301 mapping to post launch support and measurement.

  • Ecommerce – Revenue
  • Magazine websites – Readership and subscriptions
  • Blog – Website traffic and engagement

Does Migrating a Site Affect SEO?

SEO is the process of making a website more accessible to search engines like Google and Bing, while giving search engines the contextual relevance behind each of the website’s key pages. During a website migration, especially domain to domain mitigation, the successful transfer of the old website’s authority and rank positioning hinges primarily on the SEO work that’s done pre migration.

Done expertly, the new website can launch and experience little to no change in performance.

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How Can I Migrate My Website Without Losing SEO?

At Indago, we follow the process below to migrate sites and maintain SEO.

Firstly, we conduct research to determine the best website structure for SEO and align it to your business objectives.

Research Phase

Research Phase - keyword research, competitor analysis, content requirements, and the best and worst performing parts of the current site. Taking all this into account we build the site's content information architecture (IA).

Information Architecture (IA) - The content IA is integral to a solid SEO strategy during a redesign.

Based on the initial research, we come up with the ideal structure and categorisation of each page. We review this and submit to you for approval, then begin task of mapping the old site to the new one.

Redirection Mapping

Redirection Mapping - With content IA structure agreed upon and approved, we move our focus to mapping the current site to the new site (one to one mapping or old URL to new URL mapping).

When complete, we crawl your site using multiple software tools to capture any pages that are receiving traffic but missing on Google Analytics. We then implement our page mapping and prepare all pages for upload.


Launch - Finally, it’s time to flick the switch and send your new site live. We support you during the entire migration process so if anything doesn’t go according to plan, we are standing by to help you rectify it.


Post-migration - We track, monitor and adjust to ensure that the migration was a success. Below is an example of some evaluation areas

• New URL Status (200 codes, ideally)
• Redirect file working correctly
• Traffic and ranking performance (over time)
• Is the website getting crawled by search engines?

Website Migration Tools

During the website migration process, there are a range of tools we use for research, planning and benchmarking. Some of them are listed below.

  • Google Analytics – Using analytics to identify key pages based on performance, and how user navigate the current website
  • Google Search Console – Pinpoint key search terms with average rankings, key pages, and XML sitemap indexation
  • Page speed testing tools – We use a mixture of tools to assess URLs page speeds for areas of improvement
    • GT Metrix
    • Google Page Speed Tester

Website crawlers

  • Website crawlers give us the ability to understand the scale of website from the number of pages to the index status
    • Screaming Frog
    • Jet Octopus
    • Deep Crawl

  • Backlink analysis tools – These tools are extremely important to a migration, as they allow us to understand the website backlink profile and pages associated with the links
    • Ahrefs
    • Google search Console (GSC)

Website Migration Testing

A key component of any migration is testing (pre- and post-migration). Most of the work is completed at the pre-migration phase.

Indago often works with multiple stakeholders during a migration (e.g., the website development and design teams) to ensure a perfect and effective balance of SEO, UX and functionality.

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How Long Does a Website Migration Take?

Website migrations can be a long process, but the length of time typically depends on the scale of the changes and size of the website.

To get our timings as closely aligned with the client’s expectations as possible, we use our experience to build in time for areas that can extend your launch day timeline like development changes, technology stacks, legal requirements and internal stakeholder approvals.

What Does a Successful Site Migration Look Like?

A successful site migration is usually one with very little impact on the website’s organic stature within the search engines and stable website performance post migration. Depending on the nature and reasons behind the migration, website improvement could also be a measurement of success.

How Much Does It Cost to Migrate a Website?

The cost of any website migration varies based on the scale, timings involved in the migration, and the overall business requirements.

To quote a website migration, we work with you to outline the scope of the project and determine the scale of the website.

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As an SEO agency, we hand-pick skill sets to maximise your search engine potential.

In an ever-changing industry, we stay ahead in the latest SEO trends and tools by learning from industry events, internal integrated training and shared-knowledge sessions. Our SEO team consists of developers, data scientists, creatives and content writers.

With over 60 years of combined experience in a broad range of verticals such as; travel, finance, retail, hospitality and more – we’ve perfected the craft of profitable SEO.

SEO Testimonials

Successful Stories

  • Karen Lewis
    Karen Lewis
    55 years ago
    Head of Digital - Employsure ;

    When I started at Employsure, Indago Digital were already running our SEO campaign and with strong results. Since then we’ve started to work even more collaboratively, we have embarked on some innovative projects and the results have been even better. They employ good people who are keen to work hard and know their stuff when it comes to SEO.

  • Sandra (Nathaniel) Wills
    Sandra (Nathaniel) Wills
    55 years ago
    Digital Marketing Manager - Noble Oak Life ;

    We always bought into the fact that SEO was a critical channel for us to be investing into but hadn’t had the success we were hoping for through other agencies. Although we’ve a long way to go the early signs are positive. SEO sessions and conversions are up! We’ve now decided to use their PPC services as well.

  • Emily Jane Stevenson
    Emily Jane Stevenson
    55 years ago
    Digital Marketing Manager - The Merivale Group ;

    Like any relationship, it’s important that you put your best foot forward. The on-boarding process with indago digital has been the most seamless I’ve experienced, and we’ve been impressed with the results they’ve been driving.

  • Jeremy Reitman
    Jeremy Reitman
    6 years ago
    Director, Digital Marketing - Expedia ;

    We’ve worked with Gary & Indago from day one. They’ve been instrumental in helping bring the Helloworld brand to life online through various performance marketing means. Their team of experts focused on everything digital from paid search, organic (SEO), mobile web/app, analytics, re-targeting. Unlike most other agencies, Indago felt like a direct extension to the core helloworld team & elected to be involved in strategic meetings to achieve the desired results.

  • Tim Connew
    Tim Connew
    55 years ago
    Digital Marketing Manager - Contiki Holidays ;

    We moved to indago digital as we wanted an agency who would provide us with the support and face to face time we require. We’re a brand that employs customer-centric people and wanted an agency that held those same values. After six months of working with indago, we now have an agency who shares our values and is driving our business forward through proven expertise and hard work.