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What Is Brand Building & Why Is It Important?

Your business’ brand image, resonance and identity are the first impression that your future clients will take note of. A well-formed branding forms the basis for your company’s personality in totality and acts as an advocate to current and future clientele’s perceptions.

The development of a brand is an art which requires attention to miniscule details and the careful moulding and shaping of company perceptions, while keeping your current and targeted image in play.

Branding is not solely a formed perception based on similar images, colours and words – but the optimal combination of complimentary collateral supported by underlying research.

Ultimately, a smooth flow of almost picturesque visuals and material that holistically embed a unique imprint of your business to anyone exposed to it – is the brand for you.

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What Is Brand Building & Why Is It Important?

Brand Building at Indago Digital

Our creative experience has eventually led to a clear understanding that brand is rudimentary in positively positioning a well-reputed business personality.

Indago Digital strives to foster well-received engagement for any-and-all brand touchpoints for your products and services. We also factor-in many print and online mediums for brand consistency.

Effective branding is one built powerful enough to imprint your business and products as an everlasting impression for your audience.

Such highly regarded branding derives from our research and experience-led creative excellency.

One with a sustained relevancy for years to come.

Our Methodology and Results

The science of relaying creativity through colours, shapes and research required attention-to-detail in itself. But when putting this in action to form a bespoke, intangible, product like a memorable brand – means following a structured approach.

Impact Discovery

Impact Discovery - The process starts from discovering the verbal or phonetic impact of wording.

If your company or start-up hasn’t defined a word, our naming services could make your brand resonance improve to become more effective and memorable.


Research - The next step is researching your competitors we well as any brand elements which are related to your business.

We utilise these to grasp a clear understanding of brand material designs, ideas, images and any remainder collateral which promise the impact we seek for your brand.

Your Branding Options

Your Branding Options - We present three options with each one combining the previous steps.

These options are presented with recommendations and freshly stylised, suggested shapes and colours.

New Brand Design

New Brand Design - Once we have the desired brand style we continue with the printing and corporate material design.

We adapt the new branding to the printing formats as needed for your branding.

Presenting Brand Collateral

Presenting Brand Collateral - The last step is the presentation of communication material and collateral by following the previously approved guidelines.

This includes the provision of social media images and more material with the standard tone of voice, as well as the look-and-feel your various communication and sales channels seek.

Meet Our

Creative Team

All and any viewpoints matter – especially when shaping those fundamentally innovative solutions.

That’s why a diverse skill-set is key to producing highly effective, and uniquely creative results. Our creative team is formed by a professionally experienced, and passionate collection of creatives, developers and producers. All previously having collaborated in various Advertising, Digital Marketing, Information Technology and Communication campaigns.

Creative Testimonials

Successful Stories

  • Rebecca Newton
    Rebecca Newton
    55 years ago
    Group Head of Marketing - Crown Resorts ;

    The relationship is still in its infancy but in the short time that we’ve worked with indago digital we’re been impressed with the level of dedication and detail placed onto our campaigns. We work with numerous people there who are effectively communicating with each other to make sure that nothing drops off and none of our IP is lost.

  • Bridget Toogood
    Bridget Toogood
    55 years ago
    Digital Marketing Executive - AAT Kings ;

    We decided to work with Indago Digital due to the work they’ve conducted with the rest of the Travel Corporation. As well as driving instant results and being subject matter experts they’ve helped us by supplying training, suggesting other channels to utilise and by providing client services in a way we believe an agency should.

  • Peter Skjellerup
    Peter Skjellerup
    55 years ago
    Marketing Manager - Five Star Games ;

    We’ve been working with Indago for over a year and it’s great to see their continued passion for digital marketing, our industry, our brand and its marketing effort. They are always interested in trying new channels in a constant effort to improve results.

  • Jeremy Reitman
    Jeremy Reitman
    6 years ago
    Director, Digital Marketing - Expedia ;

    We’ve worked with Gary & Indago from day one. They’ve been instrumental in helping bring the Helloworld brand to life online through various performance marketing means. Their team of experts focused on everything digital from paid search, organic (SEO), mobile web/app, analytics, re-targeting. Unlike most other agencies, Indago felt like a direct extension to the core helloworld team & elected to be involved in strategic meetings to achieve the desired results.

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