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Yippee Ki-Yay! Don't Let Your Paid Search Die Hard On Xmas
It’s that time of year. Office parties, boozy lunches, Hans Gruber falling to his death off Nakatomi Plaza. Agency life in a nutshell. Welcome to the party, pal.
5 min. read
Is 'Advanced Demographic Targeting for Search' Great?
A month ago Google launched the much-awaited 'Demographic Targeting for Search feature' & we’ve been eagerly collecting data. So let’s get into the nitty-gritty.
4 min. read
Is Your Business Ready to Bring Google Ads In-House?
I’ve seen many businesses & clients try to bring their Google AdWords campaigns in-house, with varied success. But exactly what justifies this as the ideal move?
4 min. read
Which Google AdWords Match Types Should My Campaign Use?
There’s a common narrative in search is that Google AdWords match types adhere to a hierarchy of expected performance - Maybe it’s time to rewrite the narrative.
5 min. read
The Perils of Google AdWords Over Automation
In digital media, we have many tools to automate basic account management functions to free up time for innovation that would otherwise be spent twiddling knobs.
5 min. read
2016 Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote
On May 24 Google announced its new AdWords & Analytics products. It’s every search geeks favourite day of the year. The comprehensive keynote lasts over an hour.
4 min. read
Your Google AdWords campaign is bad and you should feel bad
We need to get into the habit of critically analysing our work. I’m not saying I have all the answers but rather I’m going to encourage a tough-love perspective.
7 min. read
Do you want your competitors AdWords data for free?
Here’s the sticky scenario, your boss & client storms over the phone “The AdWords account performance is down again and I need you to tell me why before lunch!”.
4 min. read
GA Audience Breakdown: A Content NYE Resolution
70% of sites worldwide are using Google Analytics. When was the last time that you checked your Audience section? I suggest you do it now for some epic insights.
3 min. read

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