A Day in the Life of a Social Media Career: 10 Roles-in-1

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Career: 10 Roles-in-1

Whether you’re looking to get hired in social media or recruiting for the position, here are 10 key business areas that a Social Media Manager needs to understand.

Written by

Elizabeth Harmon


18 April 2016




Ten key business areas for Social Media Managers

  1. Marketing – Obviously one of the key areas a Social Media Manager needs to be trained in marketing. It’s important to be able to communicate with customers in order to promote services and product offerings.
  2. Copywriting – Although it’s not necessary to have any writing qualifications, a Social Media Manager will need to be a competent writer, with a good grasp of the English language. Writing is an important part of social media, creating targeted and professional messages with a consistent tone of voice.
  3. Technology – An increasing number of roles rely heavily on technology, and a Social Media Manager is no different. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and embrace new developments and useful tools.
  4. Photographer / Videographer – Although Social Media Managers are not expected to be the next David Bailey, they need to have a good grasp of photography and video. Even though a lot of content is written, visual content is increasingly important, with 70% of brands saying video is the most effective for content marketing. Although a specialist would normally be used to take commercial-quality photos and videos, sites such as Instagram and Vine now make it easier for photos and videos to be created by smartphone users.
  5. Customer Service – An increasing number of customers now turn to social media for help. In fact, a recent report revealed that nearly half of consumers use these platforms to ask questions, complain or report their satisfaction. A Social Media Manager must therefore be able to manage complaints effectively, addressing them efficiently and professionally.
  6. Branding – Social media is an important tool to build a business’s brand. When a customer visits your Facebook page, for example, you should have clear branding, as well as a consistent tone of voice that is “on brand”.
  7. Graphic Design – Unless you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated graphic designer within your business, a Social Media Manager will need to have a good eye for design. They may need to source images and understand basic editing. Luckily, there are a number of simple (and free) tools to help with this, such as Canva and PicMonkey.
  8. Sales – One of social media’s key goals is to assist in building brand awareness and generating sales. A social media manager should use platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to engage with existing and potential customers to the point where they are ready to make an enquiry or purchase.
  9. Search Engine Optimisation – Social media can be used to help optimise SEO and so it’s important for Social Media Managers to have a basic understanding of how both can complement each other.
  10. Data Analytics – Social Media Managers are regularly being asked to prove the effectiveness of social media in the business. It’s, therefore important to be well-versed in analytics, using it to help make smarter decisions.

These are just some of the key areas that a Social Media Manager needs to be experienced in. As well as this, it’s also important to have typical interpersonal skills, such as good teamwork, strong communication skills and time management. Check out the detailed Social Media Manager job description.

It’s also important to remember that social media is constantly changing, so the role of a social media manager will also continue to evolve. What a Social Media Manager's role involves today may be completely different in a year or two…

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Written by

Elizabeth Harmon
The dog and bone.
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