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Google Performance Honours
We are proud to announce Head of Performance & Analytics Preet Singh won the Q2 Google Rockstar award, judged by Google & given for Google automation techniques.
2 min. read
SEM Marketing Guide: Is First Optimal SEM Brand Position?
A common SEM marketing conversation is must brand keywords always be position one? If there is strong organic presence must we need bid on brand keywords at all?
4 min. read
Is 2018 the Year of Machine Learning for AdWords?
The last 12 months, the buzzwords on everyone’s lips have been AI & machine learning - here I attempt to predict the impact they will have on AdWords campaigns.
5 min. read
Google's DoubleClick Search: Manage & Maximise Paid Search
Google’s DoubleClick is normally associated with programmatic media buys through the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. So, what is DoubleClick Search?
9 min. read
Google Marketing: Next Keynote — 2017
Covering the future of marketing, the role of technology & more, Google’s Keynote centred on user experience as the key consideration for all marketing activity.
4 min. read
What Handover Notes Should Include For Campaign Success
Having created, received & witnessed many handover notes - internal account changes or changing agencies, each time I increasingly realise their true importance.
6 min. read
Competitor Brand Bidding for the Modern-Day Marketeer
Indago Digital’s recent competitor campaign seems to have caused a bit of a storm and divided opinions. Search marketeers should be experimenting any new tactic.
5 min. read
Au Revoir! Google Sends Exact Match Packing
I’m sure we can all agree 2017 has been a big year so far for Google & advertisers; One full of nail-biting action & I’m not talking about SEO algorithm updates!
5 min. read
Dominate Your 2017 Google Re-marketing With Customer Match
Customer match should be a part of most remarketing strategies. We implemented customer match for a client & returned promising results as this case study shows.
5 min. read

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