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What Is Google Analytics and Why Is It Important?

Google Analytics is free and with over 63% of the Fortune 500 using it, we’d suggest it’ll work wonders for you too.

It’s an extremely powerful tool to track the performance of your online and offline digital assets – mobile and apps included. Our Google Analytics team is experienced and qualified in an advanced application – and are at your disposal.

At Indago Digital we know that campaigns are only as good as the accessible data. Incorrectly set up Analytics is only cause for flawed top-level decision-making data.

We work closely with you to get a full understanding of your business and understand online behaviour. We set-up tracking to provide constant feedback on all marketing activities which influence your digital assets.

We also set up the necessary dashboards for ensuring reporting transparency and IP retention within your business.

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What Is Google Analytics and Why Is It Important?

Google Analytics at Indago Digital

Google Analytics is a free and extremely powerful tool in Google’s suite of products. When used properly, and to its full potential, it opens a world of insights around your website’s visitors.

Age, gender, interests and geographic location are but a drop in the data pool of information available to you. At just a top-level overview, its possible to see how visitors arrive on your site, the pages they find most interesting and the traffic sources that largely drive your sales.

With more detailed analysis, Indago Digital can tell you how often visitors return to your site, how long it took for them to decide on transaction, and the ROI generated.

Our Methodology and Results

A great strategy always starts with understanding your business, and your unique needs. From there we can gain insights into what macro and micro conversion points can/should be tracked to address your business needs.

We are also well versed in aligning Google Analytics to your CRM and other internal tools to track advanced metrics such as; CPAA, ALTV and ARPU.

Cleaning and Updates

Cleaning and Updates - How can you make informed decisions with flawed data?

We start by performing a complete audit on your Google Analytics account, cleaning and fixing all broken settings and data collection points.

We check and build any filters to ensure that the data we collect is all-inclusive and reliable.


Behaviour - It’s one thing having a Clean Google Analytics account. But if you aren’t tracking any behaviour on the site, then you have a mere 5% of the story.

We’ll clean and track all your macro and micro conversion points so that it is possible to understand what activity drives these important actions.


Reporting - What’s the use of having all this data if you don’t understand it?

We build custom reports, tailored to your level of understanding, allowing you to make informed decisions based on solid and proven data.

And the best part - if there is anything you don’t understand, just speak to us and your passionate account manager will be more than happy to provide you with any helpful education.

GA4 Migration Services


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Taking action is crucial – Google will stop supporting Universal Analytics in July 2023 (and Universal Analytics 360 in Oct 2023).

We’re a Google Premier Partner Agency and GA4 migration experts.

You can count on us to make your Google Analytics move seamless and to safeguard your invaluable business data.


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Meet Our

Data Insights Team

The Indago Digital data insights team consists of professionals from various development backgrounds and an expertise in various analytics and reporting platforms.

It’s a resource shared across various departments as we internally collaborate to help channel managers with the collection, visualisation and analysis of clientele data.

The team prioritises deriving actionable insights to aid channel managers and their clients in implementing data and insight-led strategies.

Data Insights Testimonials

Successful Stories

  • Alan Chapman
    Alan Chapman
    55 years ago
    Senior Director- Marketing and Communications - Robert Half ;

    It’s refreshing to have an agency which practises what it preaches in its pitch. The ideas, flare and passion that came across in our initial meetings is still very much there. We started with Indago servicing Australia and quickly expanded their support into other regional markets.

  • Karen Lewis
    Karen Lewis
    55 years ago
    Head of Digital - Employsure ;

    When I started at Employsure, Indago Digital were already running our SEO campaign and with strong results. Since then we’ve started to work even more collaboratively, we have embarked on some innovative projects and the results have been even better. They employ good people who are keen to work hard and know their stuff when it comes to SEO.

  • Jeremy Reitman
    Jeremy Reitman
    6 years ago
    Director, Digital Marketing - Expedia ;

    We’ve worked with Gary & Indago from day one. They’ve been instrumental in helping bring the Helloworld brand to life online through various performance marketing means. Their team of experts focused on everything digital from paid search, organic (SEO), mobile web/app, analytics, re-targeting. Unlike most other agencies, Indago felt like a direct extension to the core helloworld team & elected to be involved in strategic meetings to achieve the desired results.

  • Arsham Imani
    Arsham Imani
    55 years ago
    VP ANZ - Kenshoo ;

    Indago is one of our partner agencies here in Australia and we knew they’d grow a solid client base quickly but more importantly use our technology the way it’s intended to be. Kenshoo is a powerful tool and it’s great to see it being pushed to its limits.

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