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Indago Lawn-Bowls Towards The Finish Line

My time at Indago Digital has certainly been rolling along. Two weeks in – I already experienced my first quarterly Indago event where we went lawn bowling at the Clovelly Bowling & Recreation Club.

A Sunny Warm-Up

With the sun’s warmth breathing down on our neck, our spirits were high for a Friday afternoon of some good-ol’-fashioned lawn bowling competition. As everyone stepped bare footed onto the lawn, it would soon become clear that the team skill levels vary by the groups. With the self-designated ‘dream team’ analysing the grass and wind velocity – some would boast about their lawn-bowling heritage.

Meanwhile others were entirely confused with the concept of ‘lawn-bowling.’


The team warms up for the lawn.

Bowling For The Crown To The Lawn

However, the varying skills did not deter anyone’s enjoyment of the game or our eagerness to try it for the first time. As the afternoon continued to warm-up, so did everyone’s determination to show their newfound lawn-bowling skills. And with hopes of beating the ‘dream team’ continued to rise, so did our desires to claim the ‘King of the Lawn’ title.

But as the games continued into the afternoon, more lawn bowls accumulated into the gutter. Many of these contributions to the gutter came from a few people – such as yours truly. However, the more bowls stacked into the gutter, the more laughter and banter was in full swing too. And of course – including the occasional trash-talking to distract each other.

As the final legs of the contest proceeded, the more the competitiveness and hopes of claiming the throne to the lawn amped-up. After an intense bowling session, the honour of the next ‘King of the Lawn’ became clear as day. As expected, – the ‘dream team’ were crowned the victorious ‘King of the Lawn’.


Some Don’t Score – Some Still Stay Smug.

Tying For Thirds

However, there were two unexpected teams that tied for 3rd place. As the sun set over our games, one lawn-bowl game would determine the champion of the 3rd place. As the two leaders took to the stage, the dramatically increasing excited cheers and distractions followed. With two of the play’s bowls entirely missing the mark, Scotsman Sir Steve – despite any-and-all distractions – bowled questionable turns which ultimately helped his team win 3rd place.

This was my epic introduction to Indago Digital – and a great opportunity to connect with everyone outside the office setting. However, I still question whether my good plays were due to beginners’ luck, or a newly acquired lawn-bowling expertise.


Steve bowling his way to victory for Scotland.

Chillin’ In The Corner

As the night rolled on, we moved to settle into The Corner House for a few drinks and pizza.


In summation, this was my amazing second week at Indago Digital.


One that allowed me to connect and become properly acquainted with the entire team – over a simple game of lawn bowling.

My inexpressibly keen excitement around those turns I played where my bowl escaped the treacherous gutter – correlates exactly with my excitement around a future with Indago Digital. I can’t wait for what the coming times may hold for me here!


Food and drinks at The Corner House.

If you want to know more about previous company events held at Indago Digital, read about the Rafting day that pit Indago against the tides. Or perhaps our flagship surprise 4th Birthday celebration? Follow us on LinkedIn today to find out more about the Indago Digital team.

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