Our Rebrand: Indago's Plan for 2024 

Our Rebrand: Indago's Plan for 2024 

Indago Digital marks a milestone in 2024 with a dynamic rebrand. Explore the journey behind our evolution including exciting updates to our office space, branding, website, and more!

Written by

Gary Nissim


6 February 2024




The evolution of Indago

In love, they talk about the 7-year itch, but often in business, it’s 10 years.

With Indago Digital turning 10 in 2024, we felt the brand needed a bit of a refresh.  In fact, a few parts of the business did so we did what we do best – compile some data, strategise and put a plan into action. 

Procrastination has never been in our DNA. 

The early years 

When we set the agency up, we were three people, working out of a client’s office and we quickly created a brand with no real thought outside of a name and logo. It took us two days to realise that our logo was simply a reverse copy of Rodd and Gunn’s. The person who briefed them in loves Rodd and Gunn and was wearing one of their polo shirts at the time – that agency saw us coming. 

In our opening year, we created enemies of all our competitors by bidding on their brands with catchy ads such as: 

  • Atomic 212 – “Are your results not nuclear?” 
  • Steak Media – “Is your campaign overcooked?” 
  • Switched on Media – “Need switched on marketers?” 

We received four cease and desists and an old man I’d never spoken to before (Head of a large agency) called me to simply tell me I was a C U Next Tuesday. It was great fun, landed us three new clients and was the first step in putting us on the map. 

But as the years have passed, we have matured, learnt so much, and dare I say become very sophisticated. 

In 2023, we realised; 

  • We no longer wanted our office to be in a funky, cliche warehouse. 
  • Our brand no longer suited a business that was so data-centric. 
  • Being playful didn’t reflect our consultancy-led approach to marketing. 
  • We needed to double down in building out our data and analytics offering. 

What’s new for Indago in 2024? 

New Office 

We’ve moved from Surry Hills to Surry Hills. Our new office space (Level 2, 69 Reservoir Street) is more professional and better suited to our working needs. With so many online meetings, we’ve dedicated just shy of half the office to meeting rooms.

Thanks to Justin Rose at XCommercial for helping us find the premises and Nathan Smith from Blue Cable for the amazing fit-out. 


Our brand looked old and didn’t reflect our evolution. The colour palette no longer looked as clean as it did and the logo was relatively childish.

We worked with Sam Logan at Woolly Mammoth to give our brand a much-needed refresh. You still know it’s us, and we no longer look like a Rodd and Gunn rip-off. 


We’ve built sites for many of our clients using our partner Woolly Mammoth and it made sense to do the same. A headless build using Gatsby and Sanity was the way to go and it’s turned out perfectly. With a focus on SEO in 2024 and beyond, we now have the perfect platform and partner to make it happen. 

Headshots & Website Imagery 

Gavin Jowitt smashed it out of the park. There’s a natural feel to the photos, and he made the most uncomfortable of us feel at ease when taking headshots. 

Creds and Presentation Deck 

Presentation Studio stepped up to rebuild all our documentation, dragging us into this decade and perfectly translating our new brand into a presentation format. Now, our documentation, website and office are perfectly aligned. 


It simply makes sense to have a centralised resource to store all our client data and to communicate with them. No more spreadsheets and conflicting opinions on what the client’s financial year is or their target CPA. If there’s an industry update on a specific Martech we can easily communicate with our clients that utilise that tech.

We ran with Active Campaign, and Tim Preston from Vybrant was the man to help us implement it. 

What are we most looking forward to most in 2024? 

For those of you who know us, you know we have a data and tech arm called Indatum that underpins all we do. In 2024, we will continue to invest in that part of the business to provide our clients with the competitive edge they deserve. 

We have the ability to conduct huge Google Ads audits with little manual effort. The depth and volume of data these audits produce would normally take 10’s of hours, but now that time can be spent on strategy and implementation. Quarterly Business Reviews are now water off a duck’s back, and we'll build similar tools for other publishers. 


Since our inception, we’ve had a proprietary toolset for SEO. We have a unique, data-focused and AI-led approach to tech audits, keyword research, competitor research and SERP analysis. This year, we’re doubling down and rebuilding our whole suite of SEO products to make them more powerful and easier to interpret. 


In this cookieless world, Indatum is building methodologies and products to help our clients take advantage of the lethargic approach other advertisers are taking. Building and using first party data whilst taking advantage of the available products (think Consent Mode and Sandbox’s), we’re looking forward to being first to market for our client base. 

Data Management

From understanding the size of your addressable market to storing and stitching together business and marketing data – we’ll continue to build on our existing data infrastructure.

This year, our focus is on data security and ensuring we are up to speed and in line with the stringent measures our enterprise clients demand. We're eager to collaborate even more closely with clients as we refine our approach to capturing, storing, and leveraging their first-party data.


Thanks to all our clients, suppliers (if you want an intro to any of them, let me know) and of course, our staff who have helped us along the way. We’re looking forward to a special 2024 and I hope to see you on your own journey. 

The dog and bone.
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Written by

Gary Nissim
The dog and bone.
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