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Indago Digital’s Belated 2017 Christmas Party!

There was a build-up of excitement leading up to my first Indago Digital Christmas party!

I had no idea what was in store, how secret Santa works, nor what to purchase.
It was February 2nd, the day of the very late or very early Christmas party.

Boats, Beers & Bottle-bruises

Getting ready for work I dropped a champagne bottle on my leg and had to get 7 stiches! And to make it worse, we were due on the boat before 11.30am – so I hoped my colleagues would uphold the old pirate saying, “dead men tell no tales” and not leave without me! Into the Uber at 11:10AM I called ahead to make sure I was heading to the correct place. I wasn’t… apparently, Woollahra and Woolloomooloo aren’t the same place. I’ve only been in Sydney a few months and it’s somewhat larger than my village in Berkshire. You can tell I’m not lying by the shade of milk my skin has – see the picture to the right…

Arriving at the port only 15 minutes late, everyone cheered as I finally boarded our catamaran, “The Obsession” (at least that’s how I remember it). No delay as our captain was straight into the safety brief, and away we sailed.

Despite the heavy rain in the morning, the sun came out and it seemed to become the perfect day to be sailing around the harbour. Our first stop was a jump rock near Vaucluse. Even though the sun was out, it was still only in the low twenties and once we got to the rock a strong wind hit us, so whilst some of the guys grabbed their coats, only the brave summoned up the courage to actually jump in the water and make it up to the rock. Despite the strong current on the way over they all made it, climbed up the oyster crusted crevices and plunged into the water below. The workout continued though as they ferociously tried to beat the current swimming back to the boat. We even had to employ the help of a life ring to help the stragglers getting swept away into the Tasman Sea.


Right: Joe being ex-navy, is also this casual in sea-storms.

After an interval…

After the little stop we made our way to Watson’s Bay Hotel – I did feel somewhat a celebrity arriving on the private boat. After a few beers we tucked into a delicious lunch consisting mostly of fish, chips and steak. We then headed back to Obsession to continue our cruise of the harbour, as well as bring on the Secret Santa.

After a lot of cheering and in some cases confusion over the gifts, the excitement moved over to Gary and his moderately sized fish that miraculously landed itself on the end of his line – it was a Bonito apparently….


Left: To this day Gary considers this as an appropriate LinkedIn profile picture.

Foggy Memories

We finished off Secret Santa and pondered over some of the somewhat questionable items, and after a brilliant day of sailing through the harbour soaking up some of the best city views the world has to offer, we made our way back to the dock.

But the festive celebrations didn’t end there as we were off the boat and into the Uber heading to the Clock Hotel. 16 orders of steak and a few rounds of shots brought fuel to the fire and let the world know that the night had only just begun! But from here my memory gets somewhat foggy. Hey, it is Christmas after all.

Despite it being a late celebration, overall it was a magnificent day with great food and even better company.


Until next year,


#Joe Obsession.

For some more Indago event coverage you can turn on the telly – or, read up on our Go-Karting near-fatal-crash experiences here. Follow us on LinkedIn today!

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