Indago Digital’s Social Outing

This is my first blog post at Indago Digital!

I am just about 3 weeks into my employment with them and I have already been tasked with the honour of writing my first blog post!
(I am glad that I have earned someone’s trust 😉)


This blog will cover my first social outing with the Indago Digital team, which was filled with a lot action packed fun. However, before I continue I will like to keep things interesting by providing you (this awesome reader) the chance to try to guess what our social activity was

  1. Poker tournament
  2. 12 Gauge Shotgun shooting
  3. Laser tag

12 Gauge Shotguns!

If you’re good enough to guess 2) 12 Gauge Shotgun shooting, then you are correct! Yes, believe it or not we went clay pigeon shooting with 12 Gauge Shotguns! If that doesn’t sound like the best office social event then you might like to stop reading now.

Personally, I have been to a plethora of corporate/ social events over my 2 years in SEO/Media which has spanned: Beach outings, laser tag, poker tournaments, bowling, paintball and office Olympics but this event simply topped the lot.

Gary Nissim the MD of Indago Digital was an awesome host to set up our transport, food and forms necessary to have a great day of shooting. We travelled to Sydney International Shooting Centre located at Cecil Hill around 45 mins drive from North Sydney.

At our arrival we were greeted warmly by our shooting instructors with a bit of Aussie humour and got to the basics of shooting.

For most of the lads including myself, this was the first time many of us have held a gun let alone shoot one.  Many of us soon learnt this would make a few interesting shooting styles – I just had to include this picture ..





My experience with the shotgun was a bit nerve racking considering I did not know what to expect from the firepower or recoil.

As I approached the shooting instructor I had a flash back of Arnold Schwarzenegger from Terminator 2 with the shotgun rose box scene thinking how badass this would be.

However, contrary to my badass vision of being like Schwarzenegger, I felt a fairly large recoil kick from the shotgun as I took my first shot.

I certainly did not feel as invincible as all the movie stars going AWOL in action films with shotguns.

The recoil pressure was comparable to being shot with a paintball gun as I was trying to figure out the proper handling technique.


Eventually, everyone became acquainted with shooting which marked that it was time to compete.

We all set out to compete in two teams, SEM vs SEO. We split 5 vs 6 due to odd numbers to see who shot the most targets with 50 shots. Throughout the few hours we were at the range, everyone including myself managed to nail a few clay targets.

At the end team SEO emerged victorious by slightly out leading team SEM thanks to Gary’s shooting skills.

Overall, the experience was very enjoyable and best social event I have attended. It provided a great social setting to interact with everyone and to develop greater trust amongst ourselves. I would strongly recommend going out down to the range with a few co-workers.

It will be an exciting experience you can brag about, while being a great stress release at the same time!

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