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Content Rich Landing Pages

February 02, 2014 - 0 Comments - by:

Working with Health Insurance Comparison was an eye opener. We assumed that this market was mature and that their competitors would have content rich landing pages.

For example, if a potential customer was arriving at one of their competitors’ site after being targeted as an ‘elderly couple’  they would be taken to a relevant landing page. This was / is not the case and an ‘elderly couple’ would arrive at the same page as a ‘single man’. There are two main problems with that;

  1. With a number of mediums (Search marketing for one) – relevant keyword rich landing pages obtain the advertiser a cheaper rate
  2. Relevant content aids conversion rates

indago digital worked with HIC to choose the right themes to build pages for their paid search campaign. To do this we studied their own data, looking for insights.

If a keyword set had a Quality Score or conversion rate that was below their average a content rich landing page was to be built. This simple tactic should be standard across any vertical. It’s cheap, easy and will obtain quick results.