Indago Digital Bags Another Five Clients

Indago Digital Bags Another Five Clients

Still on the hunt, Indago Digital bags another five clients.



21 October 2016




As the first quarter of this new financial year has come to a close, Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency, Indago Digital, has brought on five impressive new clients to their already strong working portfolio.

The independent agency, headed by Managing Director Gary Nissim, has started working with notable brands: HOOT Holidays, Robert Half, Chisholm TAFE, AAT Kings and iVenture Card. These new additions sit comfortably among Indago’s notable clients across various industries.

‘It was refreshing and reassuring witnessing Indago Digital’s approach during the tender process. Not only did they demonstrate incredible experience and expertise, but their passion for digital marketing was obvious and contagious. It made it an easy choice for us…’

Jodie Banbury, Marketing Director for HOOT Holidays

We had a solid idea of what we were looking for in a digital marketing agency and what goals we wanted to achieve. Indago Digital understood exactly where we were and not only improved on our idealised goals but clarified them to set a definite plan for Robert Half’s digital presence.

Robert Half's Alan Chapman

We’re lucky to be working with clients, new and current, who genuinely care and focus their efforts on digital marketing. It’s great for team morale and it allows us to drive awesome results.

Indago Digital's Gary Nissim
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Luke Ashmore-Delaney
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