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Table Tennis At Indago – A Truly Necessary Expense?

To get the best recruits you need to hunt rather than gather.

When you’re hunting you have to convince potential employees that they’re better off working for you than the place they’re currently happy at.

Au Contraire

With our latest recruit we thought we’d done that, when he threw in a curve ball. ‘I know it sounds petty but my current office has a table tennis table. I love playing and I can see that you guys don’t have one.’

Au contraire mon amie!

He’d clearly never seen a Poppin board room table. Our office is a mere 110 m² and there isn’t the room for both a boardroom and table tennis table. Not only does it match our corporate colours, it doubles as a table tennis table.

Some might say we were crazy shipping this third of a tonne piece of kit from the States but I’d say it’s been our best investment to date. It’s just a shame I’m no longer the man to beat!

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