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Lunch with Google: The Diary of a Paid Search Specialist

One of the perks of working at a Digital agency in Sydney is the prospect of learning first-hand from experts in the industry. My first opportunity to do so came as quick as three weeks of me joining Indago Digital, when Google invited members of our team to take a tour at their Sydney HQ.

This visit was arranged by Indago Digital’s MD, Gary Nissim after working with Google on the Digital Cadets 2018 event, which took place in May 2018.

A Recap About Digital Cadets

Just to remind you, Indago Digital annually host the Digital Cadets event for outstanding university students who want to pursue a career in digital marketing. The free one-day session includes theoretical discussions held by the leaders in the industry and practical sessions for all attendees. The winning team were rewarded with a special tour of Google and I took great pleasure in joining them on the day.

The winning Digital Cadets team joined a few lucky members of Indago on the Google HQ tour.

What happens behind Google’s office doors?

Our lunchtime tour was led by Christie who works as an account planner at Google. Christie shared her professional journey and gave a host of cool reasons why she enjoys working at the company.

Image Source: Business Insider


One of the perks of working for Google that not many people know is that employees can transfer to any Google office abroad, from New Zealand to Singapore. What a great way to explore the world!

Image Source: Business Insider


Another huge benefit is having access to the 24/7 canteen as well as the many snack stations located around the Sydney office. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a pack of Tim Tams since the company’s focus is on the healthy lifestyle and delicious snacks are carefully hidden.

Google’s Vibe

The office design is very colourful, and there is plenty of space. The walls are covered in cool, trendy things to play with and take inspiration from. If you feel you need some time to rest or read a book you can find heaps of cosy chill-out zones. Google employees claim that their chairs are the most comfortable in the world.

Photography: Bosko Perdulouski & Image Source: Business Insider


If you are in the mood to take a break, you can kick back and play video games, watch movies in an actual cinema or even crush Dance Dance Revolution.

Image Source: Business Insider


Right around the corner, you can always find another snack point to recharge. And did I mention all the food is free?

If you are into music, there is a special room for you to let loose with your own choice of sounds. Employees can play different instruments solo or as part of a team building jam session.

The Digital Cadets and I were astonished, happy and in love with Google, although the Harry Potter’s meeting room was impossible to find; I guess that’s why it’s known as the Chamber of Secrets. But I did find satisfaction in discovering what goes on behind the scenes of one of the most powerful companies in the world.

For a detailed recap on our 2018 Digital Cadets, check out this video here. For more Indago x Google posts, read up on our 2018 Google Performance Honours. Follow us on LinkedIn today!

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