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The Indago Digital Office Receives Casino Royale Makeover for Melbourne Cup 2019

For Melbourne Cup this year, we decided to change things up.

Instead of heading out to a bar to watch the races and celebrate ..
.. we brought the celebration to us.

Cocktail Bar: Opened, Lunch: Served

As we were eagerly awaiting our early finish to the workday, it didn’t take long for everyone to declare that it was time for all: pens down, laptops shut and throw on our crazy hats.

And so, started our annual Melbourne Cup celebrations around 1pm that sunny Tuesday afternoon.

In the kitchen, we had a bar set up-for quenching our summer thirst by facilitating that sweet, sweet endlessly flowing cocktails, beers, wines and good ol’ bubbly nectar.

Everyone grabbed their first drink of the day and begun to dig into the lunchtime variations of fresh wraps, sandwiches and salads.


Right: Festivities-N-dat’

The Competitiveness of Casino Royale

Blackjack & Roulette Commencements

Once there were satisfied tummies and grinning faces all around; it was time to kick-start our main event for the day!

The fantastic, entertainment team from OMG Gaming were ready to host our Casino Royale festivities. With a Blackjack table set-up in our conference room, a Roulette table in our table tennis room; we were each handed $3,000 OMG currency and hence quickly scurried off.

The rules were simple – everyone would start with $3,000. the time limit was set to 3 hours, and the minimum bet for both Blackjack and Roulette – $100.

And once the 3-hour timeframe would conclude – the player with the highest amount at the end of the day would be throned with their crown as the winner!


Left: Le Casino Royale – Commence ..

The Competition Could Only Be Rising

With my Indago currency at hand – I first decided to put my Blackjack skills to the test by heading over to the Blackjack table. Everyone started the day betting low amounts – nothing over $500 on one hand in Blackjack.

As the day went on, there was no doubt that competitiveness radiating from the Indago office was at an all-time high. And to add to that, the bets were getting progressively higher!

At the halfway mark, I was sitting comfortably on $8,000 and was sure that at the end of the day I would be placed within the top 3 bracket (at least). But – as sat there laughing away in the kitchen – nibbling on some fries and sipping my caprioska – I overheard that my SEO Director Steve was also sitting on $8,000. But little did I know – there were also some others who were ranking in the $10,000s!

As my flaming appetite for competition reignited inside me – it only fuelled my strong drive for claiming the prize I yearned for. With that in heart, I headed back over to the Blackjack table and prayed for my luck to come through.

I bumped into Steve whilst he was leaving the Blackjack table. He said that he’s heading to play Roulette – what’s more – made his intentions clear for doubling all his money and wagering all $8,000 on one, single colour. I could only manage commending his big-spender appetite and wish him a few words of luck. But little did I know that (spoiler alert) – it would pay off.


Right: The Roulette battlefield in all its glory.

The Big Gamble

In the middle of one of my Blackjack games, everyone in the conference room could suddenly hear the loud, excited screams clearly coming across from the Roulette room.

Steve’s done it. He must now be on $16,000 … Urgh!

15 minutes until the end of the event, and only about $7,000 in my hand, I could slowly feel all my hopes pouring down the drain. So, with nothing to lose – I started to go all-in on my Blackjack hands – only keeping enough to double my bet if I henceforth decided to.

After a couple of rounds of wins and losses against my croupier – my luck came through. I landed a double 7, split it, doubled on one, and… the dealer busted!

After my endless screaming out of sheer nervousness and excitement, I covertly started counting my cash – finding myself sitting on a supreme $35,000 figure.


Below: The Casino Royale Attendees

Winner, winner, winner!

The results were in and the winners were announced:

At first place with $35,000… the not-so humble – yours truly!

Second place with $23,000… Quyen!

Third place with $16,000… Steve!

Our prize pool consisted of 6 different benefits/prizes, contributed by some from our pool of clients, and also Gary. Massive well-deserved thanks to AAT Kings, Five Star Games, Fossil & Google for their kindly contributed gift donations for this Indago Digital Casino Royale event!

  • AAT Kings Day Tour for 2 to Hunter Valley (by AAT Kings)
  • 2x Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets (by Five Star Games)
  • Women’s Purse and Wallet Set (by Fossil)
  • Google Home Mini Smart Speaker (by Google)
  • The Indago King/Queen for the week (by Gary)
  • Extra day bonus annual leave (by Gary)

First place winner had their choice of 3 prizes, second place choosing 2 prizes from the leftovers and third place taking home the leftover prize. I was super happy to be claiming the Hunter Valley trip!

Beer Pong

After the announcement of the results – some decided to call it a day and head home straight-away.

Whereas some stayed back to kick the party on. For the latter enthusiasts, the beer-pong table was brought out – and so we kicked on.


Until next year, Melbourne Cup –


– the one who reigned supreme.

If you want to know more about previous company events held at Indago Digital, read about the Indago lawn-bowling experience. Or perhaps our flagship surprise 4th Birthday celebration? Follow us on LinkedIn today to find out more about the Indago Digital team.

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